It's Saturday Afternoon and It's a Ghost town...Says it all

I am a glass half full kind of guy. Love the franchise, love the company, love the way the company continues to support and try to improve the game.

But I also pride myself on being honest and objective.

It’s Saturday afternoon and most of America is still under under all kinds of stay home restrictions and…

On my pretty darn large friends list. NOT ONE person is playing BL3…not one.

The meaning of this is quite obvious.

After a major patch and new content drop, people have just been disappointed to the point of why bother. No additional “viability” was added to the game and if anything, with the nerfs, we actually have less choices than two weeks ago. And we have a totally different type of Raid that requires the absolute best…yet we have less to option to and punishes for the slightest misstep yet rewards very little. (Darned if they didn’t make an exact duplicate of a Destiny type raid with the exact same result. And Darned if just like D2…I can’t find anyone to play it with me.) Sure, I can play at Mayhem 3, but I don’t want to.

We have a major content drop coming in two weeks but if Mahem 2.0 is not “fixed” does it matter??

Time for some soul searching my GB friends. Time to sit down with all your teams and decide just WHAT this game is going to be. An average, “good” game, albeit plagued with some difficulties. Or a GREAT game that is playable for a long, long, time.

Get back to your roots! Get back to what has made fans of this series happy for YEARS! Fix mayhem 2.0, get tons more equipment viable, adjust grenades, shields and especially Action Skills. Stop with “experimenting” like the new Raid and give us a TON more classic Raids and long term replayable, endgame content. The DLCs are excellent!!..keep em’ coming.

But let’s get this house in order…NOW!

Or you risk the “ghost town” becoming commonplace.


It is designed for four. One on each crystal and a runner. Without major changes to spawn rates or crystal charge rates, (and probably both), I don’t see how this can be made to work with solo or duo groups.

People seem to realize this and are voting with their feet.

I have beaten it solo 5 times now and not a single new room decoration so I will wait until the drop rates get fixed

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A Borderlands raid that can’t be done solo by our very best is…

Not a Borderlands Raid.

but there might be a workaround to chrystal gimmick…I think I saw a youtube on it.

Problem was by the time I heard about it.

I had done exactly what you said and voted with my feet with no real inclination to go back.

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At what level?? I only tried M10…


Running invincible stop gap
Cutpurse Launch pad

Use Pet to distract at crystals. If done right one enemy will hold up enemy spawns at crystals and fight your pet so you can charge it quickly


Borderlands is at its heart a singer player have with some coop to add some spice. Why do these companies try to shoehorn in stuff the fan base doesn’t want


What about people without pets

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Part of my problem is I only play Moze. A character that continues to bounce horrifically between being very good and very bad based on whatever patch/update.

No in between with Moze…


Moze needs so much help

If you don’t have a pet Zane clone will draw agro and phase grasp buys you time

With a stopgap that triggers on Action skill Active Amara can fake grasp invincibility for ever


Something is up - we’re Steam friends, and I see you haven’t been online in 32 days. Are you sure Steam didn’t default you to ‘logged out of friends’? It’s done that to me recently. Is this you?


Not that it matters much - I still prefer to play solo, and feel like I’m the only person actually enjoying this new content. That said, when the weather gets good out (which is the case at the moment), I start playing outside way more. The only reason I’m in today is because we had a surprise rainstorm last night, and I’m cozied up in front of the fireplace). I’ll definitely be playing outside tomorrow.

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I would love to see the charge mechanics a little more solo friendly. But, with that said they are supposedly reducing enemy health in that TD this week. So it should be a little easier to keep enemies outta your bubble.

Was set to invisible…LOL No clue how.

But I still see other’s…they just couldn’t see me right??

Why is it a ghost town… Well if my poll I ran (poll found here)before the patch is representative of the population… It shows

~83% of players have slowed or stopped playing BL3
The factors that would bring them back to play…
Gear balance (31%)
New DLC release (18%)
Loot drop rate fixed (18%)
Mayhem 2.0 fixes (17%)
Stability fixes (13%)
New takedown release (3%)

Considering the patch released and most of the patch was stability focused… And they touched on gear balance but not nearly enough to impact… They haven’t really addressed the reason people are leaving the game behind.
They focused on the bottom two factors… and touched on #1. Most of item 1, and all of items 3 and 4 were ignored… so not surprised it’s still a ghost town

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Exactly…you said it perfectly with a lot less words than I used.

And the Raid…(in it’s current state}, helps little.

But honestly…until the issues with mahem 2.0 are totally addressed…nothing else will really matter.

THAT issue affects everything…