It's SO NICE SDUs are Purchased With Money Now!

It’s SO NICE SDUs are Purchased With Money Now!




Yes, but until you unlock artifact gear…money is still rather sparse unless you literally open every container and kill everything repeatedly. And by the 4th SDU purchase they start costing well over $200,000. Just last night I finally got the gear slot for artifacts unlocked. I had been stock piling the ones I had been finding but couldn’t yet use. One of them was a loot bonus artifact. Boosts Money, Health, and XP. Once enabled I was opening containers and nabbing $1000+ per container.

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Yeah, good point, even the 9000 I need for my Bank and Backpack are too high right now…even with the 34,000 I had accumulated through farming and exploring before I got to Sanctuary (I bought the first level of every SDU Upgrade and then the next level for Backpack and Bank, as well as some gear).

My usual tactic for buying SDU’s in any BL game…

  1. Backpack (All as quickly as possible.)
  2. Bank (All as quickly as possible.)
  3. Lost Loot (New as of BL3)
  4. Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper (upgrade all 4 at the same time)
  5. All other weapons and grenades (only after everything else is maxed out)

I would rather have the storage space than ammo. Ammo can be found all over and unless its a boss fight you are hard pressed to run out of ammo. Then my primary go to weapon types (Pistol, SMG, AR, and Sniper ammo types. Then whatever is left.



Yes! My EXACT thoughts!

high five

Grenades and Backpack first for me. I use 'nades a lot. I always go nades first, because I don’t want to run out of them in the middle of a big fight, beacause I can only carry 3.

With all the loot boxes everywhere and lots of drops from kills, I almost never run out of ammo., so I just kinda get upgrades for the types of guns I use the most as I need them.

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On my flak I use shotguns so my next ammo upgrade on that is like 4 or 5 million. Before that it was 2 million i believe and 7 or 800 thousand before that. They get stupid expensive.

what ever is find i use the most of it gets upgrades first. Which are usually a pistol or shotgun, then gernades. I rarely use anything else.

In borderlands 1 I used vast majority of the time a Assult riffle can’t remember they type but it had a vary large magazine and shot stupid fast. And shotguns.

In 2 I used a larger variety. Mostly pistols, shotguns, and smgs. Same in TPS.

Again in 3 it’s usually pistols and shotguns.

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Yeah, I’m starting to miss the old system.

Had to shell out 243,000 (times 2) for my Bank and Inventory yesterday and now they both require 729,000 for the next upgrade level.


Maybe I need a corporate sponsor…?

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I made my money by killing graveward alot. Kept any legendarys I did not have but kept selling the dupes, between that and the money he drops is pretty good.

And if you don’t like that another good way is basic mobbing with two specific items. I’ve not tested to see if it works yet but I see no reason It should not.

A gernade that has the. Drops alot of cash when hitting a enemy and the relic (can’t recall name of either) which increases money picked up by 119% I believe is what mine says.

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Well you could start a cult, worked for the Calypsos.

Until they were killed.

Or I could chuck ya a few mil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wouldn’t decline that offer!

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I’ll add ya tomorrow, HMU when you’re on for some moneys.

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@Slif_One add me to what? Are we not already PSN friends?

If (somehow) not, I’m FilthyLittleGod on PSN.

My old account got banned like two years ago :joy:

You’ll get a friend request tomorrow and you’ll know it’s me :smiley:

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Only issue i have with using money for upgrades is cost. Almost everytime i get close to enough money for my next upgrade i screw up. 90% of the time it by falling off the map. Really would be nice if you werent charged for that. After all tooltip days say you cant from falling lol.

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I wondered why you never replied to the messages I would send you every few months!

Thought you were mad at me for some reason!

G** dang it, Slif!


You are a man of constant controversy!

lvl 50 manufacturer reward guns dont accept them till u play new vh get the gun sell them massive early game $$$…took me 2 play troughs to figure that out tho lol…but vh # 3 no worries about sdu’s

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Great tip, thank you!

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no prob man…they usally send sub par stuff anyways might as well let low lvl get $ for it.

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I went bag space and nades first. Bag space was for obvious reasons, but nades… well, I have a preference for the loot nades. Specifically the ones that split and home, while offering cash.

My roomies and I end up raking in $10k on heavy waves when I spam 10+ nades. Sometimes the cash doesnt all spawn in and you have to make rounds.

Makes for buying the SDUs a bit easier.