It's the 8th but yet game still not out for beta

It’s the 8th and as the game says it’s avaliable to play for beta on the 8th, but it’s still telling me to wait till the 8th to play… with is going on

Today is April 7th (4pm est at the moment)
Tomorrow is the 8th.


Today is the 8th for me here in new zealand tomorrow will be the 9th

Time Zones.

The Beta won’t go live until 10am PST.

That means we still have 22 hours to go until the servers open.


10am PST on April 8th for PS4 users ONLY! a teeny-tiny bit later for PC and XBONE players. (to clarify)

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Oi time zones. Haha


Darn you America for being a day slower then nz. Get with it your holding us up.


You get with it! And eat a double bacon cheeseburger with beer! 'merica!

Kidding BTW. You think it’s bad for you. I’ll have to wait an additional 3 days taunting me due to beta starting when I work. Going to start legislation to include game releases as part of illness so you can call out. Any backers?

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I’d support it

Where’s the petition? I’ll sign on.