It's the clones who are scapegoating IB and pets

Now clones can do more damage than the player character.
Unlike IB, the time limit has virtually no impact on Zane now.

I think the IB is just fine in terms of attack frequency and AS, not something to fuss about.

The only pet that works for the M10 is Scorcher’s AoE.
The reason there’s so much noise is because the damage done by the player is applied by the groundbreaker.
This is what makes scaling failures so deceptive.

It is Amara that transcends all of these, though.
It doesn’t matter if Amara is destroying the game, because she’s protected by GBX.

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Nope, that’s been tested and proven false. That AOE pool does 2mil ticks without you lifting a finger.

It says that only the AoE will work.
Read it carefully.

It doesn’t. I went through M10 Athenas not doing anything but watching my pet in Fade Away, it didn’t matter, still did 2mil.

Ratore and I both tested this. It’s isn’t groundbreaker. Consider that many builds do far more than 2mil DPS, for so many players to get that same number would mean everybody dealing the same DPS across Gamma Burst and Fade Away builds. That isn’t the case here.

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