It's the "Phoebe seriously needs a nerf" thread

She’s just insane. She is the one character I fear on the other team more than any other because she ends up having the least amount of deaths and typically the most or second most kills.

I sometimes play with this kid who is so young that when I first heard him speak, I thought it was a young girl. I’m not sure exactly his age, but when he plays Phoebe he just shreds people. 20+ kills per game is not uncommon. He plays other characters well, but shines with Phoebe. but it just goes to show that an 8 year old or so kid can wreck house with her on a consistent basis, something is up.

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You should fear Galilea more. I do particularly well with phoebe once I get contingency plan. I phasegate in, do my damage then phase out. But a Galilea will completely shutdown your escape with her silencing blight field.

You should talk about what you think needs to change about her since calling for a nerf because she has “the most or second most kills” really isn’t a great argument for a nerf. Especially since this is an objective based game. Also young age doesn’t automatically make someone bad at games. He might just be a skilled gamer and he should get credit for that regardless of his age.

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I don’t play her so I can’t speak to what may be overpowered about her specifically, but essentially as can be inferred from my post, her survivability and damage output is obviously a bit skewed in either direction. If you want to talk about specifically what aspects of her contribute to those two subjects, i don’t know, I don’t play her, so i can only speak in layman terms.

You should try her out then. See what it is that she counters and what she is countered by. By playing her you will have a good feel what her strengths and weaknesses are and you could make a stronger argument if you decide that she still needs a nerf. I personally think that she has a good kit considering that one of her abilities is hard to use (most people that I’ve talked to tend to not use her sword shot thing in pvp).

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She is squishy, and has mediocre to terrible skills. She’s not all that bad. She’s also weak early game, and requires skill to play. Don’t discount him because of how he sounds.

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I also stated he is good with other characters so how am i discounting him? He’s not the only one who plays Phoebe who ends up having games where they are the obvious “MVP” of the match. In the hands of any competent player who has spent enough time on her, she hands down outperforms any other melee character which the person would have had equal time playing. Rath isn’t going to outperform Phoebe, neither is Dragon, Pendles, Attikus, Deande or Gal in the hands of someone with experience in all those characters. She’s Princess OP melee.

I personally have seen Phoebe attack people outside of her reach. Her basic melee combo shouldn’t be extending a foot or two beyond the point of her rapier, it should match the physical appearance of the weapon. Aside from that, just slow/stun her and go to town, silence if you can, she’s an assassin and is fairly squish.

There have been threads like this one for most of the Battleborn cast. I believe that the posts about nerfing Galilea were the only ones that were legitimately true.

Why you ask? Anyone that has mastered any character in this game has that same potential to get 20+ kills per match, making them seem overpowered to anyone witnessing such a massacre. That’s the beauty of this game. I’ve seen people wreck with Attikus, Miko, Reyna… Everyone, really.

Like others have said, play as Phoebe and you will find that it is usually not as simple as it looks.

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I really don’t think you can call a character OP or UP until you have both played as and against that character multiple times.
And with multiple I mean A LOT. Not just one or a few matches - that is completely anecdotal and most probably has more to do with matchmaking than the character.

No shes not, shes actually pretty durable. Doesnt require skill, very fast high damage auto attacks that are harder to miss with than land. Easy escape, OP slow aura.

Buuuut i dont know if she necessarily needs a nerf. Rarely see her in comp.scrims.

The issue is that all of her survivability comes from sacrificing her biggest source ofdamage. And her not having spin attacks besides through a mutation and having to learn how to use her weird alt make aiming with her take practice.

El Dragon outperforms every other melee character. By a lot.
It’s the reason he’s pretty much the only melee regularly seen in tournaments. Nobody plays Phoebe in those same tournaments.

Phoebe is far from OP. All she has is a long slow and high DPS. She is NOT very survivable, because her helixes that give her survivability are on the same tier that up her DPS, so she only has one of the two.

Phoebe is not OP. She isn’t even the best melee in the game atm.

I don’t mean for this to come off as insulting, so I hope it doesn’t.

I think a big issue with many of the adjustments is that people call for nerfs without fully understanding a character. I can agree that phoebe gets the best of me sometimes as well; however, I have played with her (not well), but I personally appreciate it if people refrained from requesting nerfs before even trying out a character and understanding what their kit is and how it all works together.

Understanding a characters skills, and cool down lengths goes a LONG way towards understanding how to counter that character and provides the information needed to determine if a character could use a tweak.

Phoebe can shred me if she gets the drop on me (as she should as its her role), but by understanding her kit and cooldowns, I can USUALLY escape, although seriously wounded.

Tl;dr: please try a character and their skills before requesting nerfs. Understanding the strength and weakness of a character isn’t done by simply being on the pointy end of their stick. They need to be on the pointy side of yours as well.

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Couldn’t have put this any better myself. :heart:
With most characters that are considered OP (by yourself or others), the main issue is that without having some experience with the char yourself, you’re prone to overlook the times they’re vulnerable. (Important Skills on CD, Positioning, etc.)
Basically applies to every character.

(Playing the character yourself also gives you a more solid basis for figuring out if the char is powerful, or if you’re just facing a skilled player. Especially in 1v1 mirror match fights.)

Dont compare Desecrate to Blight. I’d rather fight Galilea 1v1 in a Desecrate field than Thorn in a Blight field.
Blight is just too overpowered.

You seriously need to look at phoebes kit her abilities are mediocre blade Rush is utter garbage phasegate is only good for slows and going up terrain. It’s very obvious when she uses her ult so it’s easy to avoid. Her base does is very high but she’s an assassin she’s supposed to have high dps

Actually, I guess he just used the term ‘Blight’ synonymously. The rest of his post clearly refers to Desecrate, given the whole silencing part.

Yeah, Blade Rush is basically just a utility Skill to mark for silencing with ‘Preparation’.

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Yeeaaa… no…
Weak early game? More like AMAZING early game. Sure, she needs to slow field from Phasegate to catch anybody for serious damage, but it’s directly at level 2. Even without it she rapes face.

I do agree she needs a big nerf because her DPS is insane and that slow field lasts way too long. Plus the slow itself.

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NOOOOO Blade Rush is actually amazing. I’ve killed so many people trying to run away with Exploding Blade Rush. Plus it’s distance and increased speed from the last update are also worth noting.

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