It's Thursday - You Gonna Fix The HUD ? - & Patch Poll

Pretty much given up on this request.

But is still would be nice to play the content I have paid for (dlc3&4), you know, just for completions sake.

So GBX, you going to patch the HUD ?

For the Poll - Who has had their issue patched ??

  • Yes
  • No
  • They Introduced new issues since release not fixed.

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all i care about is hotfixes and intensive buffing of underperforming gear. why buff kaos and botd and leave warlord plethora of vladoff and cov rifles untouched?

why buff hellwalker but ignore bunch of other jacobs and hyperion shotties. how do they even come to select these 2-3 guns and be like yeah this needs a buff but leave other 100s that need the same into dust for year on end?

wtf gearbox take a look at your dlc 1 guns or lords sake you think those are gucci? you think your base game (purples) are doing what they should be in endgame? is this the wae?


Isn’t today the first no-patch thursday?


previous one did ■■■■ all tho so yeah no :smiley:

Was not aware of that.

So they are decreasing the patches they put out for a game with issues that remain since launch.

I tell you what people, I cannot wait to Pre-Purchase the Super Duper Mega Ultimate Reach-Around Edition of BL4 when they drop it in 2022. /s

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We’ll probably not have a hotfix this week or any news at all.

i am insanely gutted

I don’t understand the logic behind this decision. It’s obvious the game still has plenty of issues that need to be fixed, but now they’re decreasing the frequency at which they patch the game? In what world does a decision like that make any kind of sense at all? Also the splitscreen on consoles is long overdue for a proper fix. It’s been a whole year already, why haven’t the splitscreen issues been sorted out yet?

Nope, still waiting for them to fix the console crashing during gameplay, but that has only been happening since the games release and I know nerfs and buffs take priority so I guess I am expecting a little too much too soon you know.

I would like to say a big Your Welcome to all future players of BL3 on the next generation consoles. If it wasn’t for us beta testers your game would run like it currently does for us.

EDIT: You know what, I’m sorry. I apologize. I’m just tired of seeing this come up repeatedly. I understand you had a setting and it worked and you were happy with it, and I understand they took it out and it upset you. You have that right to be upset. It’s just, you see people make threads like this more than once, people come in and try to provide rational solutions only to be… Well, shot down.
But I do apologize.

As for fixes, I personally don’t care anymore. I’m just waiting to see what they’ll add to this game, but right now I don’t really have any interest in it anymore. I hate the sanctuary ship. I hate it. I thought I would love having a spaceship base but you can just teleport anywhere from anywhere except with the initial travel from planet to planet. Which…
Convenient, yeah, but it makes the game so much smaller at the same time.
Ontop of nothing to do besides farm in the endgame for gear so you can do more farming, with no real modicum of “adventure” or something, it’s just pretty boring.

They lost grasp on damage output since premayhem 2.0, when OP anointments interactions made the game too easy.
Instead of rethinking anointments they released mayhem 2.0. That’s when this game flopped perpetually and became an evermutating mess. And for it looks like, they will stick to this mentality.

there is a side quest in dlc 4 that mocks players with two characters saying how they do not like things(weather) it is either too hot or too cold(hard/easy; OP/weak) which to me speaks volumes of how right they think they got things. so you are right about the mentality part. as far as damage output goes gbx never had it and every bl game is a proof of it. but in bl3 it is just extreme the way they made core game guns as well as most of the leggos obsolete and they keep throwing around massive 100-300% buffs jesus heckin christ

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I would argue this point though.

Yes, BL1 and BL2 had some seriously OP weapons, but at least we had options.

I had a lot of different guns I could pick from in BL2 that were effective on OP10, but in BL3 I am limited to just a few for anything truly competetive.

Shotgun I have Hellwalker (My favorite weapon in the game so no complaints), but as far as pistols/AR/SMG we are pretty pigeonholed into just a few guns.

In BL2 for SMG I had my personal favorite, the Sandhawk (thanks Gearbox for ruining that in BL3) or I could go the Florentine or Hellfire or even The Good Touch was still effective.

BL3 has a few OP weapons and if you don’t use them you run out of ammo.

BL2 was drastically different as far as how many weapons were useable.