It's time for ACTUAL Free to Play

Gearbox, can you please convince 2K (if that’s the issue) to just label the game as FTP on the PS Store?? WIth the new fall update coming out with Borderlands skins, this may be the last time to try to get a bigger player base.

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Tbh I don’t think it will help. GBX screwed themselves on this issue by being proud and stating “this game won’t be f2p” or something like that. Idk the specifics but I know enough.

This game will probably remain the personal playground of those who fell in love with the story, the gameplay, and the characters at launch. It will be a place for old friends to mess about in a world that is entirly theirs, mastered by hours of dedication. It is a social hub, for friend groups that have been through everything this game and company has thrown at them, and unfortunatly that’s all it will remain until the servers go dark, and one by one we return to our lives or at least some semblance of them.


It pretty much already is.


The above is from Amazon for those looking to pick it up.

Yup, back to the generic fps games we’ve all come to accept.
Seriously tho, this game has actually taught me patience and team work.
Halo only taught me to aim for the head.


Granted he’s not Gearbox, but still.

This game is worth full price. Has so much content, and is alot of fun. Still makes me sad it didnt do better. And a game like overwatch, which is nothing compared to battleborn. Does really good.


Pull the shirt off BL2, drop it over BB, Poof! Most awesome game ever.

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It has nothing to do with pride. As I understand from what has been stated before, calling it F2P would require re-certification.

Re-certification is a 2K decision and takes both A) Time and B) Money.
2K wouldn’t even invest in marketing for the trial, they certainly aren’t going to invest in re-certification.

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So 2K didn’t bother investing the money properly on Day 1 marketing and other areas for the game, therefore when things rapidly fall apart they have no reason to invest any money to steer the ship around.

This is such a winning strategy.

You can reap all the benefits and results without investment or commitment! No wonder there are good endings all the time! Nothing gets done and everyone wins.

Thank you, 2K, Battleborn wouldn’t be here today without you.


Cheap game and free to play game are different things. And the price is not even the point of the topic, OP is talking about marking the game as free-to-play for it to appear in free-to-play sections in stores like PSN or Steam. Because free-to-play games have a constant stream of new players coming to try and see what’s going on.

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