Guy’s it’s been long enough.
Your fans have suffered…
Your people are hurting…
Tiny tina needs to see some shizz blowed the fudge up…

You’ve made my girl to soft, it’s time for Moxxi to get Madd again and get the Underdome reborn. With the help of the wonderfully insane cast of characters Moxxi should already have everything in place for the newest horror to be released on Pandora.

Hammerlock is there to aquire “voluntears”
Scooter and Ellie are there for the mechanicals/
Torgue and marcus are the money, because moxxi never spends her own,
Tiny Tina is there for the really nasty shizz and the relly big booms,
We know who is covering first aid
And Mah Girl is there for the Pizzaz, what the hell more do you need GB?

Every living vault hunter should be playable,
there should be a cutscene for every one that wins,
and there should be a 10 player online mode (one for each surviving Vault hunter.

Make it happen folks, restore my faith :wink:

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Moxxi was interested in Torgues arena but we don’t know if they made a deal or not. It could be her new underdome in the works if they did strike somekind of deal.

Yeah! And get this guy to help with the level design:

Wow, just thinking about this is making me drool . . .