It's time for the Winter Update!

XB1 is reporting 17.68 GB. Gonna take a while at an average 17 Mb/s…

85% just about up
Anything anyone wants to know?

Yeah; i can’t get a solid answer on whether or not Toby’s new Double Hug is still gonna have the -40% damage. I assume that they would have put it in the description if it was gonna stay, but i would like to know for certain; because if the damage isn’t affected anymore, it’ll probably be just as broken as before…

Oh, and thanks in advance!

Love to see a screenshot of Beatrix lore challenges. I won’t get gome from work (aussie) for another 8nhrs and that update will take prolly another 8hrs minimum on my connection sad face

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I’'m at 94%. I’ll edit this post with a picture for you once it’s done (if no one else has done it by then)

Edit: Here you go @djillusions


Apply Patient zero to 50 allies

Affect 5 or more enemies with a single use of Outbreak,10 times

Kill 100 enemies with Fulminate

Deal 50,000 damage with Incistux Injextor in a single match, 10 times

Apply Infection to 100 Battleborn

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Legends @RayLightning @Vicks_Toire ! Appreciate it :smiley:

As long as it’s not a chain stun, it’s ok on my book. Did you get to download the game yet to test it?

I mostly agree, and think that Gearbox handled the balancing of Toby’s legendary VERY well; however, even though it only affects it every other mine cooldown, i don’t want Toby’s arc mine damage nerfed when people find out how OP two full damage arc-mines may be when stacked on top of each other… Hopefully i’m wrong!

Also, no, i am unfortunately at work (for the next four days :sob:), so i am unable to test this. I may not even be able to finish the update download before i have to go to bed. That would blow…

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So how do play Dojo mode offline? You still need internet to wven get to the main menu?

The devs stated it was going to be an offline mode? I don’t see how is that possible. Like you said, the main menu can’t be accessed without internet connection to the BB server/s.

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I see. It does say “offline”. Maybe that word was misused. Try to send a pm to one of the devs for explanation.

The article quoted was not written by anyone from GBX. Yes, it uses the term “offline” but maybe that was the reporter’s interpretation of what “private” means in a BB context? Since the saves are all server-side, it’s difficult to see how the game could ever have a truly “offline” (as in, no internet connection) mode. I also don’t remember an offline mode being mentioned in any of the summaries of the winter update stream.

I’d also point out to @spikethedevil2 that you’re quoting from a pcgamer article that was published before the live stream, which itself took place back on December 8th. Since the stream is archived on both the GBX twitch and youtube channels, you could go back and review it. I’ll simply note that there’s no mention of it in @Tokesy97’s notes from the live stream here:

Edit: update download now at 92%. I might actually get to try the Dojo myself tonight!

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Self-reply. Dojo starts out inside the simulator from the OM Battle School Story Op by the look of it. It’s a private versus mode that doesn’t start with any existing maps. In fact, it starts pretty easy with lots of shards and a bunch of levels.

Edit: Dojo is solo. Incursion is solo the first time, then 3 player the second. Except there is apparently no-one queuing for this mode even though the tile says “estimated wait time: short”. Oo - one player found, one to go… and “Matchmaiking failed” Hm, obviously some teething trouble here.

Winter Update is amazing! I love it! Can I marry it? Yes, no maybe? I will anyway!

So far the only thing I didn’t like was the new default color for your team and enemy so I changed it to how it was :grinning:

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Winter Update …reseted my graphic settings.
This “Ultimate Badass Edition” claim seems preemptive.
Menus are eye pitching sharp and terribly bluish now, and those daily quests conditions are quite trivial, like grind or something -ugh!- it has nothing to do with badassness. I wonder about performance…

Loading Prologue *************************************************************************************
Hey, it actually keeps 60fps! Holly cow, did THEY actually did it (keep champane closed though, 'll make sure to check Echelon next)? Everything on low and in merely HD, but it’s, already forgot the word… fluent? So, that’s how Mellka’s tripple combo feels like :open_mouth:
BTW I love Deande’s new line about modifying “biosomething” :wink:

Xfinity isn’t available in my part of Tennessee :frowning: