It's time to do the bubble bump fellow Reyna's!

So in my time of playing Battleborn none of the supports have really stuck to me. Miko feels too much like the medic from TF2 (I played Medic way too much, I still hear the constant medic calls in my nightmares), Alani is nice but my aim is the worst thing since public school food so my heals are garbage, Ambra sorry no she’s no support she’s a mage with a very small amount of sustain (topic for another time), Kleese yeah sure he’s fun but everyone hates him so much you can’t take one step (float?) without getting focused by the entire enemy team. Reyna on the other hand fits me all too much, it feels nice just throwing out overshields like they’re going out of style and with the healing and some cdr she’s got plenty to give out. I’ve gone against many Reyna’s in the past and I’ve been playing since the closed technical test, and there was one thing that I started doing as soon as I found out the bubble shield knocks enemies back. I have called it the bubble bump, not sure what the bubble bump is well let me help you describe such a complex and intricate move. If you notice that an important objective is being capped such as a thrall camp you sprint at that objective like a bull to a matador, you lightly tap jump so as not to jump too high and you press ult. What then happens is that you will keep your momentum and move forward, your bubble will come out and you will proceed to knock the enemy farther back then if you were to just run in and press ult. Need a good visual well lucky for you I can show it off.


LOL if it was not kleese or any other mobile character then they would have died for sure.

Reyna is my favourite support as well, she’s awesome. Didn’t think of doing this, that’s an interesting idea x)

Lol that’s awesome. Reyna is my main(just mastered her last night actually) and any idea to make her even better(if possible) is always good