It's time to talk about how "average" borderlands 3 is? And few words about guns

First of all - my opinion is BL3 is really average. Not good, not bad, just… neutral.
Because, most of us already know weaknesses and plotholes in storyline. That’s one.

Second - optimization. No need to mention that it’s not acceptable to release a game with so many bugs? And forget about patching it for almost two weeks.
Seriously, is it really that hard to spend a couple million less on marketing,advertising and put them into beta-testing? Yeah, what am I talking about, it’s all about sales, screw gamers.

Third point should be about modern social identification, protection of minorities and overall SJW pollution in media.
But, honestly, I dont really care. But most peoples are, but their opinions mostly ignored
or criticized, even if they are constructive. But okay, thats the rules of the modern world. My complaints are about that such topics were generally addressed in the game, and more than that - how exactly they are set in the plot. It seems like the scriptwriters took a set of topics that absolutely must be in the story no matter what because, you know, they are modern, right and edgy, and in the end their concentration is just striking.
One more time. I’m not against this things. I against their presence in the game, and if writers choose to add such topics - write them good at least.
Come on, just look at Killavolt quest. Over a 30 minutes i shoud listen to a very poorly written story of the oppression of women (represented by Moxxi) and how bad her former boyfriend was. All the dialogs was so overdramatic that it became cringy. And this is only one example, and many more left. I saw a much better presentation of such hot topics in other works, and in other works - they really fit in. But not here.

And last.

Despite the fact that we got some cool quality of life things in gameplay, improved gunplay and extended customization, there is still more should be done. I saw - and support this opinion - what UI is horrible, inventory and bank size kinda small, and will be nice to have a option your own loadouts. You know, mayhem mode, different builds…
But wait! There is one more thing we lost in BL3.
I’m talking about missing gun types.
So, gearbox, where is my laz0rs? Not this wannabe-lazer-alienated-stuff we have (we have this in bl2, so this is not count), but real different type of weapons, like in pre-sequel?
And where is my bandit (COV now) shotguns? Tediore and Maliwan launchers? And who else think what Atlas sniper rifles should exist too? Atlas weapons somewhat cool, but we have only 3 types of guns wrom this vendor.

Thats all for now. That is why i think borderlands 3 is overall weak and overhyped (ty
marketers) game? I want to say - decent - but for me it’s not.


I didn’t love the story, I was ok with it. But I don’t care that much. Because borderlands 2 is a game I played for 7 years. The story is not the thing that kept me playing, the guns, the skill trees, the combat, etc…


You clearly do have an issue if you refer to people trying to acknowledge the problems in our society as “pollution”. I’d love to take you seriously, but when you refer to the “protection of minorities” as “pollution”… you kinda lose all credibility and end up looking like you enjoy seeing children locked in prison camps. Not saying you meant to state it like that, but that’s how it comes off.

That’s just the impression I received from your statement. I have nothing more to say on the subject.


-Story: yes, it was mediocre. Still liked it well enough. The side quests more than made up for the lack of laughs in the mainline quests.

-Optimization: yes, bugs are bad. Is this uncommon nowadays? No. I wish it wasn’t the case but 90% of triple A games come with tons of bugs that take time to work out. Everyone may have fond memories of BL2 right now but at launch it was even more of a disaster than BL3 has been. Give it time, they’ll work through issues.

-Social identification: why does this ever even come up? If a game wants to include certain people groups they will. If they don’t they won’t. Why does every game have to have every single type of people in it? Nonsense.

-UI, bank size, etc: I’m sure these will all be addressed in time, just like the bugs. Enough people are letting Gearbox know these are concerns we have so it will get better, have patience.

-Gun types: seriously? This game has more gun variations than any game in history yet there are still people not happy. Yes, there are some guns that were in BL2 that are not in BL3, but there are MANY guns in BL3 that were not in BL2. Most in this game have been extremely fun to use (especially the change to shotguns that knocks enemies off their feet). Why does Tediore have to produce launchers? Atlas snipers don’t even make sense…all their guns have trackers so all their guns are pretty much all snipers.


i use exatly that term just because so-called SJW have tendency to overreact things. I have nothing aganst any person/social group. I just dislike noisy speeches and propaganda - and this what SJW mainly do.

But please =) This topic not about people. It about how dissapointing Borderlands 3 is. For me, at least.


The thing I find odd about the “SJW” complaints is that I see far more people complaining about gay characters in video games than “SJW’s” complaing about a lack of them.

It seems to me anti SJW’s complain far more than SJW’s.

Just look at the forums there have been a ton of threads made about too many non strait characters, non male identifying characters, fl4k being non binary, etc…

This isn’t only in video games, I see the same trends in movies, music, etc…

I always see the people who use the term “snowflake” to be the most easily offended. Why would a gay character offend anyone or thinks people shouldn’t be offended so easily? The irony always cracks me up.


about story - okay, ty for your opinion. In fact, it is mediocre, but i’m personally expect more.
about optimization - still disagree. I know what a lot of AAA games have issues at the release date. But since when that became normal and why should we support that tendency?
Third topic i bring… well, i mention that by few reasons.
-first, not every culture so liberal and support such topics. Again, I’m cool with everything, but a lot of my friends are not. Russian, if this important. And as i see, a lot of other peoples from other countries does not support this representation.
-second, if storytellers bring this lines, they - in my opinion - should try harder and make them interesting. In my eyes, they placed out of nowhere and creators fantasy barely touch them.
-and third - if devs want to be trully equal in their storyline, they should include more diverse characters. That means more “classic” ones too.

I know, some of my words can be misunderstooded. I try to express my thoughts clearer and more detailed, but language barrier make it hard =)

and about gun types - still disagree. I mess with game a little and see almost all content. And my conclusion - there is lessgun types than in bl2. But more gun variations.
Example. If typical shotgun in bl2 has ~20 parts (and most of them are from adjacent vendors), then in bl3 that shotgun have ~50-60 parts. But first and second - are still the same types, only numbers differs.
And bl3 have less gun types if you count them like that.

You bring it up a lot for being cool with it.

What do you mean by classic?

I don’t know, looking at Jakobs as an example

  • Bl2 pistols were really just different stats
    *Bl3 has the masher barrel that really changes the gun not just the stat
    *Bl2 AR’s were all pretty similar, gattling maybe being different with x3
    *Bl3 has fully auto jakobs AR’s with the gattling prefix, and a masher prefix for x4

Torgue now has 2 fire modes, impact and sticky
Maliwan guns have all different kinds of projectiles and charges
Vladof has a huge amount of variety with multiple firing modes, taser, rockets, grenades, bi-opd, etc…

Gun variation is massively increased and we have maybe 20 times more unique red text guns that are very diverse


Just thinking. Nothing to worry about ^^

Oh, trick question. Someone like Roland or Axton. Strong former soldiers.
Or, maybe, over-greedy bouty hunters? Or religion-related? More scientists will be good too.

Okay, about gun types i have no arguments anymore, only the strong feeling what we missing something. So, fine, your agruments better, but i still dissapointed.

I agree feel like they spent to long trying to make week stroy plot lines that don’t land with the BL community. Most of the players, we are old gits who fell in love with this game years ago. I don’t use social media and the fusion of the two do not mix in borderlands.

Not at all a trick, I just didn’t know what you meant. It’s an odd phrase.

So you mean people like moze and clay? Still a lot of characters like that, also Hammerlock’s boyfriend might fit in there as well for you. I still don’t really get what you mean by it. The whole game is kinda over greedy bounty hunters, vault hunters.

They do have some cult like religion things with Maya’s planet, and the twins of course.

Also dahl, they used to be just burst but now you can find burst, full auto, and semi auto. So if you liked the idea of dahl guns, which are more a classic military kind of gun but didn’t like the burst they all were in bl2, now you have more variety.


I only found the main story and alot of the Legendaries to be average. The gameplay, the side quests, the new characters, the humor, the boss fights, the art design, and the music are all great.

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Well if you only stick to this forum then you are probably correct, but if you visit the rest of the internet I see “SJW” posts every where. “Such and such is not in the game!” Heck a post yesterday on this forum was about the lack of black people. It doesn’t really matter to me, but just saying.

As far as the rest of your post OP I totally agree with. I don’t use social media often because of the “social bs” and how easily everyone is offended these days. I am an older gamer and could care less about interacting with any of that so the story is “meh.”

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I see it everywhere, facebook, twitter, the news, etc…

I see boycots for almost every movie now because a female is featured or this or that. But its coming from anti SJW’s 99% of the time I see it.

I can’t recall the last time I saw a movie boycott for not having gay characters, or for a lack of female leads. But I see it the other way constantly.


I suppose your right actually thinking about it as far as non-game related things like movies, etc. But I see it both ways on the internet a lot and use various forums.

I’m not saying I never see it the other way, I do. But one side always seems to call the other side whiners, where that side whines even more.

Also when you look at what they both complain about
SJW’s complain about people being mis treated
Anti SJW’s complain about people existing and being seen

One is a real cause, one is complaining about reality existing.


I get both sides honestly, but I try to stay out of it. One side doesn’t want to be mistreated as you said, but the other side doesn’t want to have it thrown in their face all the time which is what ends up happening. It causes some movies/shows/games to feel forced, and a lot of times is tacked on to a story and feels cringy and out of place. So I think both sides are legit.

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So I’m a strait white male, I have never once in my life seen any gay character on any kind of screen and said “they are throwing that in my face”

I’m not offended by the idea of 2 men sleeping with each other.

It’s just part of life, trans people don’t offend me, really people being people have never once offended me in my life.

So I find it odd that people are offended by such things and at the same time complain about how easily people are offended.

It just doesn’t add up to me. Being offended from someone else’s sexual preference is weird, it doesn’t effect you so why take offense.


1 - You would have taken a buggier game sooner (knowing they will eventually get patched) rather than wait another 6 months for something more polished. Simple fact.

2 - The SJW stuff isn’t thrown in your face. In a post apocalyptic world like this, I would imagine this is how it would be like.

3 - Games need to make money, marketing helps them do that. It’s nice to play armchair CEO but it isn’t as simple as just allocating a couple million from marketing to beta testing, it isn’t an MMO.

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My two cents:

Marketing is a fact of life in this day and age, yes, but this game really was extremely aggressively marketed. I couldn’t do anything on the internet without seeing another one of the 18 million trailers they released for this game, and none of them were even actual game play footage. It was all just garbage to promote the game and nothing of significance.

The marketing complaint is valid. They went way overboard. Also, if you actually sat through the credits, their “playtesters” were an army of interns.

I’m not arguing that they shouldn’t have marketed. They would be fools not to. However, I am arguing that they went with a ‘shove as much ■■■■ as possible down everyone’s throats because it’s a massive priority’ approach to marketing and it doesn’t make them look good after the quality of product they put out initially.

Honestly, as a developer myself, I know that not every single bug or glitch is catchable, and they never will be. However, there are some major high level flaws with this game that should have been blatantly obvious in testing.

I am happy with their iterative approach to correcting things, though. Today’s update is hopefully a good start to a series of stability fixes.

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