It's too powerful *spoiler, kinda*

If you’ve played the dlc or hang out in any borderlands 3 trading post you know that all you have to do to be God in this game is kill a giant vibrator with legs. If it doesn’t shoot your loot over the ledge you are guaranteed to get the Ion cannon, the easy button. I was walking around consistently doing 3mil crits on mayhem 4 against badasses and the human with the confusing sense of fashion thinking what could an amp shield do? Zane’s playing dirty? Breaker Amara? The possibilities to break 10mil damage seem endless to me. I’m not saying this thing isn’t fun to use but what is the reasoning behind this? Is this their answer to the anointed or just another mistake like what happened to the flakker?
Edit: I forgot to mention I never mentioned nerfing this gun. In fact I’m more concerned about if the above average performance was a mistake than if a nerf ever touches any guns.

Don’t worry it will be nerfed sooner or later.
For now lets have fun with guns like that :slight_smile:


Never used launchers before as they were too slow and poor damage. Maybe they want people to use them?


I mean I don’t need to use it but if they nerf it people won’t be able to one shot anointed and start crying again.
It’s a catch 22.

Same with me, only launcher I have in Inventory are Jericho and Hive.
Never using Hive tbh so I could just threw it away…

In all fairness, Launchers are supposed to be pretty damn powerful. I mean, what’s the point in having a weapon with slow projectiles, rate of fire, reload time and a very limited ammo pool if they can’t even come close to killing something?


Yeah it needs some… adjustments. Don’t lower the damage or anything else, keep it the super-death gun like it already is! Because it is fun to just lay waste with it and it is nice to have a heavy weapon that lives up to that weapon class, heh. :slight_smile: Just up the ammo cost or something… I was surprised it doesn’t take more ammo per shot.


Players: “RL’s suck.”
Gbx: “Okay, here you go.”
Players: “Wow. OP. Nerf.”

Yeah, it’s kind of overtuned, but I wouldn’t say it is in a league of it’s own. Scourge is on par and it costs 4 ammo. Ion Cannon and Nukem cost 1 ammo, which I think is the problem. I don’t mind that they can instagib enemies, but why 1 ammo? It just seems like Gbx is repeating their previous mistake of releasing an overtuned weapon and having to rebalance, then the community pounces on them despite the item nerfs being fair.


Yeah it’s gotta be the same mistake as the flakker.

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it’s a good launcher, but what you’re seeing is overkill damage stacking up more and more after each kill.

you can do this with any hard hitting weapon. amara have a whole build around this mechanic.

it takes 5-6 seconds to fully charge it. do you know how much damage you can deal within 5-6 seconds with something like the cutsman? or a lyuda with a FL4K rakk build?

point is, take away the overkill damage and suddenly this rocket isn’t so “great” anymore.


From my raid experience 3mil is only a few seconds away with every vault hunter, if you have the right set up, like how many million damage did Wotan take to kill? Amara can hit 1 mil on grave ward with hellwalker easy.
Without rakking out though I really don’t think this was overkill that much overkill damage carrying over because on mayhem 4 the colorblind one having 2.5-3 million health doesn’t seem over the top (850% health). I’ve had rakks hit 1mil because of small fry overkill so 3mil from boss to badass to badass seems small for rail gun over kill to me.
You may be right and I would know :100: if I could turn guardian ranks off…

you can try it already, kill one, miss your shot, and kill one again.

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That a build issue or an item issue? I say build as Amara in only 1 of 4 VHs.

it’s a GR rank issue, overkill is given to all VHs, amara have one in her skill tree.

I’m gonna let you know what more testing shows but I think you’re giving this perk too much credit, I could see a million bonus damage from overkill under the right circumstances.
Just gonna take heavy weapon or vladof crit hunter or de4deye mod with a version o.m and Fadeaway a few bosses after I figure this out.

@Prismatic is way better than me at explaining this kind of stuff. care to chime in?

If some guy in his basement is gonna blast videos and spread sheets after this I’m testing Tediore guns up your ass.:joy::joy::joy:

This is fun.

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Any damage number you can hit without Overkill, times by 5 and you have the damage potential for overkill on an x1 Ion Cannon.

No fancy math required to see the huge difference Overkill can make, especially when it also applies to the dot damage.

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There was alot of overkill in there but without overkill 1m with normal type damage was easy to get consistently with 2 or 3 small perks on gear.
I’ve never seen a weapon carry 1-2 mil from overkill to overkill so well before though.