It's Tuesday again

So I’m playing in an Incursion match with @lordkosc. We’ve been having a bit of a rough match and the other team has been more aggressive, but I’m doing ok with Orendi and I feel like we are starting to turn the tables on them, when, all of a sudden, I get disconnected from steam.

That never happens. Heck, I live up the street from Valve, practically. And I think, aww hell, it’s Tuesday. Crap. So, I get up, take the dogs upstairs and let them out. I’m standing there waiting for them to do their thing, and I’m like

wait a second…no it isn’t. It’s WEDNESDAY!

So I shoo the dogs back inside and run back downstairs, fire up Battleborn again, and get back into the match just in time to find the other team mauling our sentry. I did a little damage, but it was too late.

So remember, everyone, before you get disconnected from a match and walk away from the computer, ask yourself what day it is. I’m going to chalk this one up to senility.

What were we talking about again?



Happy Tuesday everybody!


I’m out of daily likes, and this post made me chuckle, so have an A:CM thumbs up my friend :acmaffirmative:

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Added one for you, but then realised I couldn’t add my own. Oh well, I’ll do this instead:


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and here I thought you rage quit , because I was playing so badly ! :stuck_out_tongue: