It's wierd... (But I needed more characters in the title to continue, so there's this.)

I played this a long time ago, but didn’t really get into it. Afterward, I played BL2 ad nauseam, and TPS far less. Then I decided to try another character here, and . . . it has me hooked!

The story is still fresh, since I haven’t taken far to many characters through it again and again. Indeed, I’m enjoying it for the moment.

So, I guess I was just wondering if others loop through the games, so to speak.

It’s the only Borderlands title I keep replaying, I hate UVHM so I abandoned BL2 a while ago.

Besides, I hate the way they wrote the BL2 and TPS campaigns, they feel too scripted, you have to listen to the same stupid dialogues and complete the tutorials over and over again. And the story isn’t even good IMHO.

Yeah, I’m currently finishing up a BL1 character, then I’ll probably jet back over to BL2…it’s been a while, and I just read that they’re wiggling the drop rates upward!