Itty Bitty QOL suggestion

I’ve noticed a lot of time lately, myself (and several others) have been encountering players that can kill you very quickly (one second or less) with basic attacks and no skills. These deaths are very frustrating and often can’t be explained, even with death recap or gear considerations.

So, how about we have a notification whenever we are struck by a critical hit? It could be a little “bleep” or it could be a warning triangle next to your health.

Also, in the death recap, it would be nice if “critical basic attack” was something that could be listed… and having the death recap show EVERYTHING that dealt damage and CC to you, rather than just two or three opponents.


isnt their a bigger number? I know overwatch makes a little “plink” sound like flicking something glass.

Imagine for characters like caldarius and Montana though who have rapid fire. That would drive me nuts.

if your landing that many crits they would be dead before you heard it too often


It wouldn’t be any more annoying than the sound of rapidly hitting crits on an enemy

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Certainly strikes me as odd af when a melee lands every hit as a crit and downs me in less then a second knowing how hard it is to do against a target that’s dancing around you and moving up and down so it’d be cool to have a rundown of not just the damage we take and from who but of what caused the damaged


Killer: Rath - Melee Combo 6x Crit 1300dmg

Or something like that.


Yeah I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a sound.

Often you can just tell you were headshot depending on the damage done.

You can press “X” on Xbox (not sure of the equivalent on other platforms) to view more information, but it often show very little data since it can only show four damage sources per enemy.

Also, two or three of the four damage “slots” are often taken up by CC effects, so it looks Rath did 200 damage to you with his primary attack, then you died from knock-up, silence, and slow.

Before they add new stuff to the death recap, they should fix what they have now.
I once got killed by 0 damage. Wow.


Doesn’t show crits though does it?


Noperooni. It doesn’t show crits