I've always wanted to know the reason for this

So for those of you that are unaware, Rath’s right click does 50% bonus damage to shields. While I’m definitely not complaining (and right click is an incredibly useful tool anyways, seriously people, use it), I’ve always found myself asking this same question over and over again.


Is there anyone who’s found any logical/lore-related reason for this?

…Let’s test it with a Discord Scrim :smile:

btw Noticed this as I was Mastering Rath, it is slower tho, you loose nearly a second doing a combo.

Nice to know that. I don’t play as Rath very often, but this will be useful nonetheless.

Hypothetically, the Blade wouldn’t spin and return to his hand on it’s own. He’d need some technical solution (like a forcefield) to either wield it from afar, or at least to pull it back in his hands. That means some part or even all of the motion of the blade during the throw is not provided by Rath himself, but by some technical gadget.

The amount of force delivered by one of his normal sword strikes would still be limited by his own strength, while any technical solution could easily provide more force.

But to be honest, to make any sense of it, we’d have to know how Battleborn’s Shield Tech actually works (from a lore standpoint).

Rath’s lore briefly mentions that the sword in his right hand can manipulate gravity over short distances (which explains how the sword conveniently floats back into his hand during his mic drop taunt)

That’s interesting.

Assuming the Shields work similar to Kinetic Barriers (ME), than they’re designed to stop fast-moving small objects (aka Bullets). The harder (more kinetic force) the impact on the Shield, the more reflected/redirected energy is available to stop the projectile. Slow objects could still pass.

(To quote from the ME Codex: ‘This affords protection from bullets and other dangerous projectiles,
but still allows the user to sit down without knocking away their chair.’

The weak point of such a shield system are varying environmental conditions, like heat, moisture or gravity.
So I’d attribute the Bonus damage to Shields to the gravitic tech used to ‘control’ the sword.

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