I've been redeeming multiple SHiFT codes over the past few days, but the golden keys I'm supposed to have aren't getting credited to my character Borderlands 2

I already created a support ticket for this, but the email reply I got said to try on the forums as well, so I’m trying on the forums as well.

Basically, the problem is that before I started redeeming SHiFT codes on June 13, I had 40 golden keys. After redeeming all the SHiFT codes I could find that were still active, I still only have 40 golden keys.

Redeeming on the website or in-game gets the same results - still no additional golden keys. Here are screenshots to illustrate the problem:

The redemption is reflected on my “My Rewards” page, but the golden keys aren’t credited to my account/characters. Please help. Thanks.

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Moved to the right spot. The email you mentioned is the default ticket auto-reply text that provides your ticket number. Unfortunately, only the folks at the support desk will be able to help you with this particular issue, so you’ll just have to wait for a human reply to your ticket. Hopefully that won’t take too long; if it’s more than a couple of days, just check that it didn’t end up in your spam folder by mistake.