I've been trying to spawn Rakkman for over an hour. This is ridiculous

It shouldn’t take anywhere near this long to spawn a rare enemy. I’d like to finish the challenge and continue playing your game.

EDIT: I even have the mission to kill him active, and he isn’t showing up.

You can just spawn from Guts of Carnivora, exit and take a ride. It doesn’t take 5 mins.

I read more people with this problem, and a little while ago I finished it to check the spawn, the one that was the longest in 2 attempts. (Dragon JR & Demoskaggon)
I guess it’s RNG.

I’m spawning outside in the big open area. I’m not dumb.

He’s saying that if you spawn inside the guts and get out you cut yourself half the trip to get there.

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Yeah my friend was trying to start from that circus area so just for that case. Rakkman itself, good luck. It only took 3 times for me.

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I’m spawning outside so I can see the Rakk signal quickly.

Well if you’re hoping he is going to drop his unique legendary your probably going to be very disappointed.
I farmed him for hours during the rare spawn event and got nothing but world drops.
I’ve been having the same problem with trying to get the unstopable to spawn. I’ve only been able to get him to spawn twice after hours of trying and just got him to give me world drops both times.

Listen to what he is saying.
You just have to go in and out of the guts of carnivora spawn and look up and to the right until you see the rakkman signal.
Hopefully your not loading into carnivora and quitting the game and loading back in…

Remember, you have 6 weeks to do it man, chill.

He’s been there every time I’ve gone on my way through the game. Is he supposed to drop something special other than the XL Gunerang or whatever its exact name is?

Is it even that good? I never used it

I’m having problems spawning event enemies as well. Specifically demoskragen won’t spawn for me. Going to the menu and back into the area where they spawn is starting to get mad annoying

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My point is, he should spawn way more often.

He wouldn’t be a rare spawn if he spawned more often. He’d be a more often spawn.


He did drop it. It only took 2 hours for the game to realize I had the mission to kill him active.

Rare is 1 out of 20, not 2 hours later.

The gun is pretty useless though. Good gimmick; leaves all enemies with 1 Hp.

The gun is not bad…it does good damage but it doesn’t kill.
it brings the enemies at 1HP

Rare is rare, there isn’t a number to it.