I've Encountered with this weird bug

So here is the thing; you cant read the letters, you can’t play the game because of this weird visual bug*. How to solve it?

*game didn’t let me for screenshot therefore I used my good old cellphone for it, sorry for quality.

Using Win7 Home Premium 64 bit with AMD FX 8320 Processor and ASUS HD7870 graphic card

Check to ensure that your game isn’t running with any overlay software… Raptr, Trillain, etc. If you are certain no overlay software is running, then it may simply be a drivers issue. It looks like somehow the alpha blend flags aren’t being set - which is really not a feature you’d consider optional or variant for OpenGL 3.3 on mature drivers. Again, my bet is some sort of Overlay software is screwing with the game state and we’re losing something as a result. In-game that would usually be a depth-buffer flag.

If you actually play a mission (just pick one, double click) - do you see text but the ships look slightly x-ray?

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First of all, response in 15 minutes from a game personnel! Which is… amazing! Thanks for that! You guys are really fast. (I was expecting to have response like, a day later)

I have ongoing Raptr program and MSI-On Screen, will close them, try again and write here.

Also, I remember that I tried what you said and saw like X-ray but not quite sure so will also try that.

Ok, seems like MSI Afterburner was causing the problem. I also checked in the game, ships look fine, everything is ok.

I’m excited to play this game, thanks again for that quick response time!