I've entered god mode lmaooo

Yep im a god, i’m a living legend.




just need to find me a better class mod with something like Weapon damage/Grenade Damage/X and it’ll be perfect.

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granade spam is boring :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im personally running with a set that keeps my hp at 1 and my shield at 33k. My gun melts the bosses in about 20 seconds in mayhem 2. 2 minutes for mayhem 3. All without trouble for the most part. Moze is awesome

found some additional juicy hex’s

just solo farming graveward on tvhm m3 online w/ hotfix

And you have a sad bear at home. Poor little boy is not allowed to play with the grow ups.

omg found another god tier grenade

that classmod is awesome, i’d love to have that with devils foursome, wow.

how are you finding it on mayhem 4? I have a nowhere near as good version of this that dies a LOT. So I’m in the mags tree with a different build right now.