I've fallen in love all over again

I played Homeworld and Homeworld 2 when they were first released, and was saddened when the franchise was sold. But last night, I sat down, only intending to play a skirmish or two and go to bed, this after a 12 hour shift as an ICU nurse. Seven hour later, at 0230, I finally went to bed.
The game flows as wonderfully as it ever did and the enhanced graphics are far more immersive that the originals could have ever been. I didn’t even realize how much time had passed until I looked at my watch.
Thanks to the development team for breathing new and vibrant life into a classic.


Even when I’m struggling through a slow and tedious multiplayer match, time always flies when I play HW.

HW is practically time travel.

This seems as good a place as any to share my “wow” moments after playing through both campaigns.

I’m not quite sure why, but the megalith shadows really got me. Both the giant inhibitor at the Bridge of Sighs and gate at Balcora casting their shadows on both themselves and ships nearby added a whole new level of realism to the game for me. It was really something to see for the first time!

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I gotta second all of this. I do personally feel Gearbox’s have made a splendid work remaking the game.

Seriously the new graphics are awesome and it is hard to describe how it feels to see HW1’s ships remade in modern-day graphics.

I have to agree. I just finished the Homeworld 1 campaign and it was really moving. It felt just like 1999 all over again. It was particularly poignant to discover that Campbell Lane had passed away. I always loved his voice work for the Bentusi. Great work Gearbox, and great work to Blackbird Interactive and the rest of the Relic team.

I am starting SP missions over repeatedly, due to just watching the battle graphics so long I lose track of the objectives and lose all sense of what I was doing.

I have been clearing the UI off the screen after setting up a good fight, and then just panning and zooming around.

MP comp stomps are a blast for lots of visual goodies.

Completely worth the money, and it will get even better with time as improvements come online.

Sell me HW3 Gearbox, I will pre order today. :smile:

Agreed here on my end! I’m obsessed- my childhood is back and it’s validated the past 10+ years I’ve been learning game development and art/modeling/animation in college to work on more thoroughly.

There are of course issues, but there always are. The big difference here is steam, and patches are faaaaar easier to deploy. :smile:

Looking forward to begin modding once more tools are out and I’ve trounced the campaign and some multiplayer. From what I hear, we need a lobby! XD