I've finally mastered every current character!

As the title implies, i’ve mastered literally EVERY SINGLE character in Battleborn to date until Kid Ultra releases. Unfortunately, i lack a computer of any kind and rely on my Xbox One just to get on here. Luckily i’ve linked my Twitter to my Xbox One and uploaded my screenshot that way!


You can also search up my Gamertag: PlasmaStormX15 and check it out through the Xbox site itself or manually from your own Xbox One.

Now, TBH, i don’t doubt that there are other 100% masters out there (Especially since i procrastinated a few times due to anime and other games…), but there are none that i have seen, so i’ll be the first!


Howdy Quan
Your in my Facebook group
Congrats on the achievement
What’s your next goal?

Reaching 10,000 player kills and assists for the 2 titles. After that, i’ll probably finish the remaining story missions on Advanced Hardcore that i haven’t done. Plus i still need to achieve a Pentakill and all the other titles i dont have.
Other than those, there’s the DLC story operations and new PvP modes to come. I’ll still play this game religously, just now i can focus on getting the achievements for other games i still play.

My main goal right now is finishing my max roll legendary collection.
80ish outta 112
I’m getting close but ugh is it a pain.
Penta isn’t all that bad spend a week with Orendi and you’ll probably get it.
25 quads is far more ridiculous

Lol. Just read your comment about needing two more levels on Caldy. Congratulations! (Again

I’m at 16 mastered, 2 at 14 and just about mastered, all the rest except 2 between 10 and 13.

Getting there!


there was a post earlier this week of a guy who had gotten all achievements.

You mean the guy who got every title?
And getting every achievement doesnt mean you mastered everyone. That just means you finished all of their lores.

you don’t get the master title until you reach 15, so is that not the same thing? I’ve finished all the lores for almost all the guys and only have 3 masters titles…

Getting all the titles would mean getting all the Master of… titles.
That guy is a beast but it does make it a lot easier having a full team behind you.

19 mastered right now…
Almost There
Congratulations on mastering them all

I mastered everyone a month ago and ernest in Some days. I doubt that u are the first
Also i got every achievement :wink:
anyway nice Work
Which characters did u enjoy the most?

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Not the first(I also have all characters mastered, and all current achievements, working on titles now) but congratulations on your masteries!

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