I've finally started to feel the effects of poor matchmaking and wait times, and this is very bad for the game in case you didn't know

The past week I’ve been waiting longer in queue and more often I end up being grouped with super low levels. I have seen other high levels leave matchmaking when this happens, sometimes too late before the game starts meaning our side is down a player which causes me to just quit immediately because I’m not dealing with that BS. I have also been the one to leave matchmaking many times, though before the game starts when I see all the low levels, meaning those people now have to wait longer in queue because Gearbox’s matching algorithm sucks.

That means those three people left on the team once I leave then are exposed to a crappy game experience.

That’s not fair to those lowbies to be matched in a game with higher levels who do not want to play with them, and who may leave the match spoiling the lowbies’ experience and creating an unfavorable opinion on the game and making it not worth the hassle of playing leading to yet a further declining player base. It’s not fair to the higher levels either. I don’t feel bad at all about leaving. I shouldn’t be placed in that sort of team comp to begin with.

Gearbox, stop wasting our time and in turn damaging the view of the game on lowbies who experience this. Some of us “veterans” can deal with it right now, but the newbies coming into the game in a low player base environment are dealing with a very different climate than we did upon release and they may not be as patient, and maybe they are right not to be.

I am totally fine waiting in matchmaking ONE time without having to leave and re start if it means getting matched with others who have fairly equal amounts of time played in the game.

Just think, if people getting matched with lowbies wouldn’t bail on matches, then those lowbies would become not-lowbies that much quicker. And maybe, instead of having a lousy experience, they might think, “hey I want to get better so I can be as awesome as that guy”.

Player base is low right now. Matchmaking does the best it can within those constraints. Consider making an effort to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.


Honestly i have better things to do in life than play this game knowing that the chances are pretty high I will have no chance of winning a match because of lopsided team matchings. I don’t want to play this game for the sake of playing it. I find enjoyment playing and knowing that the 200 and some hours I invested in it so far with the thought in mind of getting better and my skills will translate over to wins are going to be put to use in that regard.

Command Rank doesn’t have anything to do with how matches are made.

There is a hidden ELO statistic, based on Wins/Losses (among other things) that determines how you are matched.

It is entirely possible that a CR100 could be matched with a CR15, depending on how they perform in PVP and their relative ELOs. Additionally, a couple of bad games grouped tightly together could cause you to be matched against people you might consider weaker, just as a couple of good games will get you matched against very hard people.

Interestingly (this is pure speculation), it’s entirely possible that dropping matches early could affect this hidden statistic and artificially drive down your ELO. There is no reason for me to believe this is true, but it would make a certain kind of sense.

Hope this helps.