Ive got a few things I would pay extra for in game!

Is there any way we can get DLC that replaces the abomination that is Eva with Maya? Shes a bad.

Also itd be nice to be able to only mute the annoying twins.

Having to manually pick up each shield or health power up that drops from some shields is a huge pain, its 2019 why is this a mechanic.

Why are some spawn points so far from others?

Just some QoL things that would have made all the problems ive had since launch be easier to let go of how mad they made me.

This is how microtransactions were born

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My guess is that’s because there are skills with triggers like “+X Dmg for 10 seconds when you heal.”

If you vaccum up 3 boosters, you reset the timer for every booster and only get like 10-12 seconds of bonus. But if you only pick up one at a time, you can get like 30 seconds of bonus.

[Edit: Corrected the term]

Except health, ammo, cash, and eridium already pickup automatically. Its just the consumable boosters created by shields that either provide a buff or many cases are just health packs for shields that do not. And the half second needed to target and pickup these things just isn’t worth the effort in most cases.

I at first was also feeling like this was cumbersome; especially with ammunition and health being automatic pick ups. I then realized; especially with some shields giving back 60% or damage power ups/ heavy ammo; that it was a necessary balance. If you automatically picked up the buffs/heals then you would always have a replenished shield as well as extreme power damage. These shields would become OP.

Maybe they should have beta tested the gamer instead of going streamer happy

IMO that could easily be fixed by reducing shield restoration amount or the chance of it spawning. At which point it becomes a shield with somewhat inconsistent performance because its reliant on RNG activations similar to absorb shields. On a side note is Transformer now the highest chance of bullet absorb at I think 40%?