I've got Legendary Class mods looking to trade! lv-63-71 Mods(XB1)

So what legendary class mods do I have you ask? Quite a few and some other goodies if you’re interested.

Class mods:
Legendary Gunzerker Class Mod: Level 71, and 68
Legendary Catalyst Mod: Level 71
Legendary Pointman Class Mod: Level 71
Legendary Hunter Class Mod: Level 70
Legendary Binder Class Mod: Level 70
Legendary Cat Mod: Level 69, 64
Legendary Nurse Class Mod: Level 69, 67, 63
Legendary Killer Class Mod: Level 67
Legendary Ninja Class Mod: Level 67

E-Tech Relics:
Skin of the Ancients: Level 69 (Fire Resist, 23.9%, Explosive Resist 24.7%, Shield Recharge Rate 28.7%)
Skin of the Ancients: Level 66 (Corrosive Resist 22.9%, Shield Capacity 28.8%, Shield Recharge Rate 28.8%)
Blood of the Ancients: Level 66 (Max Health 46.4%, Pistol Max Ammo 63.0%)

I’ve also got a few Bunnies if anyone’s interested!
Bustling Bunny: Level 71, Level 67
Bonus Bunny: Level 70

I wasn’t joking when I said I had a few Legendary class mods :smile:

So what am I looking for? My Siren class is 71 and I will be hitting 72 soon after I finish some quests so I’m looking for gear to help max her out.
Legendary Siren Class mod Lv 71 or 72.
Bee Shield, preferably a fire resit variant level 71 or 72
Norfleet lv 70, 71 or 72
Conference Call level 71 or 72
and an Infinity level 70, 71 or 72

My gamertag is xTableside message me on xbl and we’ll trade things. (: