I've got this gut feeling

Based on this conversation from the PlayStation blog

and that there’s still 2 of the 5 unknown characters being LLC… I really think Claptrap is going to be a character.

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A Borderlands character would be very cool, but they’ll probably be DLC if anything

Whether it’s the 26th character or one of the last two LLC, I think adding more borderlands would give this a major popularity boost.

I’m pretty sure that the 26th character will be I, Lordofon. B>

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I feel that would be an awesome incentive, and I hope it’s gentleman Claptrap. He’d fit well in LLC.

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I was joking earlier that it might be good ol claptrap but now I’m thinking is possible.

Claptrap would be hilariously cool.

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Krieg would be better, obviously he’s Eldrid, keeping the natural order by only killing the deserving.

i’d expect an older wiser pet class and an iron man

But Krieg is human (or was) while the Eldrid are not. Clappy would be one of the LLC if GBX brought him in, but I doubt they will. :frowning:

Maybe it’s Deathtrap, and he isn’t useless…maybe…

Incorrect. Krieg embodies the Rogues. That’s really the only faction capable of having him.

Also I’d like to see Zer0 return for the Rogues, or a time travelling Maya/Lilith for the Eldrid. Now THAT’D be sweet. Krieg was fun but honestly he’d just be outgunned in the Solus system.

good thing he doesn’t need guns.