I've got trades

What I have -

  • “Rear Ender Loaded Dice” (weapon reload speed / melee dmg/ radiation dmg)
  • “Radiation Stone Loaded Dice” (sniper dmg / FFYL duration / weapon reload speed)
  • “Cauterizing Loaded Dice” (cryo dmg / shield recharge delay / electrocute chance)
  • “Last Stand Commander Planetoid” (heavy dmg / max health / incendiary dmg)
  • “Rowen’s Call” (radiation)
  • “Rowen’s Call” (fire)
  • “Rowen’s Call” (shock)
  • “Hostile B#tch” (fire)
  • “Undermining Butcher” (radiation)
  • “Redundant Butcher” (fire)
  • “Negating Infinity” (Gunner Annointed - after exiting Iron Bear kills increase cooldown rate)
  • " Storming The Dictator" (Operative Annointed - while barrier is active accuracy increased and critical dmg increased)
  • “Negating The Dictator” (cryo)

I’m looking for -

  • “Kaos” assault rifles (fire / radiation / cryo)
  • “Flakker” (fire or radiation)
  • "Lucian’s Call (radiation)
  • “Infinity” (cryo)

I would like to trade Annointed for Annointed or I would trade two of my items for a good Annointed item.


Hey bud, I had that cryo one but I never heard back so I traded it. You need anything else?

Well… I’m looking for good AR’s or Hex grenades for Moze. I just got her to lvl 50 and I’m trying to get her geared up for now.

I’ve got some Lucian’s Calls in Fire/Cryo/Rad, Shredifiers in several elements, Ogres, etc

I’ll check my bank in a second

Damn… Any of those would work buddy. I’d be more interested in Lucians though.

I’ve also got a Double Penetrating Laser Sploder in Radiation. That’s been really good with splash damage.

I have it in cryo as well

Maybe I’d try that instead then. Do you want something for it?

That Otto Idol would work

K. Cool. I’ll send it to you in mail.

Awesome. Do you want the radiation or cryo version?

I’ll try radiation

Sounds good, I’ll mail it to you

It’s in your mail

K. Awesome. I’ll send yours in a sec. I’m trying to organize.


Did you ever mail me that Otto idol?

Yep. Same time I recieved your trade.