I've gotten more entertainment out of BB Tap

Than I have out of actually playing Battleborn on PC.

There is something seriously wrong about this…

To each their own.

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what do you expect with PC, its a more open platform then consoles which means people can cheat and hack on it easier if gearbox comes out with anti cheating measures(which im pretty sure they have all along) it WOULD be fine but im assuming that because of people finding ways to beat the anti cheat that its not working

Battleborn Tap you can play anywhere. You can play it at work or even in meetings. hahah.

So it doesn’t really compare.

As for Battleborn itself, try maxing a character to rank 15, or doing lore challenges or even regular challenges. They add some longevity to the game.

or consider trying each character through each map of the campaign. You’ll probably settle on about 5 favorite characters.

I tend to play the mobile game to pass the time while waiting for matchmaking. That helps with the biggest problem with Battleborn right now in my opinion.