I've heard rumours of a level cap increase to 60

There any basis for this?

If so, will we finally get a way to level up gear, or will cartel farming posthumously become a waste of time?
Why bother balancing the yellowcake if there’s going to be a cap increase?


There is def a basis for it. When/where it’s coming is slightly more speculative but granted very well known Borderlands content creators have already been seen at lvl 60 it is almost a guarantee it will be with the new dlc content released later this week. Given how Gearbox has literally raised the level cap shortly after EVERY single limited time event thus far to the bane of the entire community I’d say it’s a safe bet.

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I bet at least 60% of these will be VASTLY better than the 90% of the guns that currently need buffed by orders of magnitude lol

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lol, brace for the unkempt harold must be nerfed rage threads


No kidding. People here HATE good gear.

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@nat_zero_six Thanks for posting that. Quite interesting.

Borderlands is (has always been) an RPG with level cap increases. Asking the devs to not raise the cap is like asking Fortnite to add single-player PvE content. It isn’t part of Borderlands to keep the level cap the same throughout its existence.

And, which would you rather have, a 10-level upgrade all at once, or a 3-level upgrade, where your gear is still quite viable until you get new gear? The smaller increments really make a lot of sense if you think about it.

And - Borderlands is also about re-farming gear. That’s it’s end-game, has always been it’s end-game. If you don’t want to farm gear, you are either interested in something else like leveling new characters or are just done with the game anyway. A level cap increase doesn’t matter if you are already done with acquiring new gear.

This leveling complaint isn’t new. The same gripes existed for BL2; every time a level increase happened some (I think just a relatively few outspoken people) complained about it. I don’t know about BL1 because I came to it after all the level increases were done (some time in 2010), but I suspect the same complaints were made on the forums for that game, too.

Please, recognize and accept Borderlands for the game it is. It isn’t just a shooter, it’s an RPG, and level increases are a part of its design. Always has been, always will be. :slight_smile:


This wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for the limited time weapons that you simply can’t refarm until they bring the event back (if they ever do). Otherwise I agree.

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Doesn’t Fortnite have that?


Yes absolutely!!! 100% this!!!.

No they don’t, they’re terrible. Having to refarm everything every couple of months is dumb.


Until the release of MH2.0 I could lean towards this.
But not after MH2.0 and the ridiculous weapon scaling system. Now you have to worry about level AND MH level, a bit much IMHO.

Nah, I don’t hate good gear. I just hate it when games release new content that is clearly power creep’d and makes everything before it obsolete.


At this point a cap increase would be bad form. Especially after they said they wouldn’t do another.

I see Atlas gets shafted yet again. I swear bringing that manufacturer just to ignore it entirely is such a dumb thing. Just leave it out of the game if you’re not supporting it properly.


True dat
Seems like Jacobs and Vladof are their babies and atlas lives in the doghouse


Don’t recall anyone stating this but I do recall a comment that they were looking at other ways of character development

It certainly can be. It’s still the best first-person shooter I’ve ever played, with some leveling/roleplaying/loot mechanics between me and the point where the shooter really shines at end game. Those things you mention (farming and leveling up) are valid forms of enjoyment for other players (and I wouldn’t want them removed from the game), but as someone who plays this as a shooter first, looter/RPG second, I’d like a minute for rebuttal.

On topic: I’ll take level cap increases until there are enough points to completely fill every single skill tree (and beyond if they include some Overpower system like BL2 on top of this). I haven’t heard of any legit basis for a shot to 60, but I’m totally down.

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I still get the nightmares.
And yes, exactly the same kind of complaints.