I've just realised my three favorite characters to play from each game died in BL3!

BL1: Lilith

BL2: Maya

BLTPS: Aurelia, Claptrap close second, please spare him in the DLCs!!!

It’s debatable whether Lil is dead or not, depends on the writers :smile:


BL1: Birdman
BL2: Maya
TPS: Nisha

The only good thing about Nisha is that I had killed her dozens of times in BL2 before I even got to know her in TPS. So I knew what I was getting into when I started her.


Let’s hope for you they leave mordecai alone!

It would be heart wrenching to make him died and having Talon sad or make an ultimate sacrifice to avenge him. Would be good story materiel though.

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I still get mad about the Bloodwing quest. And then finding Bloodwing in Opportunity…not cool…not cool.

Saddest death in the Borderlands universe. Don’t come at me with your weak ass Roland or Maya (Sorry Maya…still love you I swear.)


Yup, I’ve still got the shivers. It’s incredible though that I’ve haven’t attached to bloodwing in BL1 but still got so much touch during that boss fight.

First time, I looked for a good moment for a way to not attack him in the boss arena. So yeah after the trank shoot I was super shocked. And each fight again was a pain didn’t want it to happen…

Man that was good writing! Miss those times. At least we got “heart of gold” in BL3 DLC for touching moment.

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Moxie DLC was full of good moments. I also liked the ‘Don’t be a Stranger’ achievement.


If clap trap died I’m done with this game, all my faves are still alive.
Brick, zero and clap trap.

Ah…so you like homicidal robots. No wonder you play so much Fl4k.

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Oooof you must have been sweeting hard during “atlas, at last”

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I relate to Fl4k.

[spoiler]I knew Zero wouldn’t do that to his homeboy. Then I saw the M /spoiler]
My gf thought the worst.

In the interview with Randy Varnel on the borderlands show, he specifically says that Lilith is gone for awhile. They’re not killing her off just yet.

I’ve never really liked her as an NPC so I was fine with her being dead.

If she’s back as an entity I’m fine but fully alive “I was hiding” kind of return no thank you.

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Well at least your favourites did SOMETHING, mine were pointlessly sitting about doing nothing or just entirely missing…for no real reason.