I've launched into a play through of this. I'd forgotten how good it is!

Honestly, this game is why I started playing PC games almost 20 years ago. Still, to this day, I still have dreams of the spacescapes in HW2, and compare every game to HW1. Near perfect story-telling and gameplay!

Let me know what you think as I’ve just launched the channel!

NerdoSuave on Youtube


Great start! You’re playing like a first timer. Very effective recruiting tool :slight_smile:

Ha! I guess I really am a first timer, since it’s been 20 years!

Wow 20 years. I bought my copy when it first came out. Got it at Walmart, of all places. I was looking for something new and different. The Homeworld logo and picture on the box grabbed me and I ‘had’ to find out what this was all about. Got it home and installed it. Started it up and was completely blown away. It was better than pie :smiley:
I was hooked and immediately started to mod it. Long story short: Best first time experience of a game I have ever had.


Well, I’m guilty of rounding. 17 years ago. I actually picked up my copy at CompUSA… Man I loved that place. I never got into modding, my programming skills have always been lacking. But some of the mods I’ve seen are deeply impressive. If I had been smarter in my youth, I would have paid a lot more attention to learning code!

I always approached games as playing a novel, and that’s what sucked me into Homeworld. It felt like playing in a universe like Dune. How can someone resist that? I agree: Best first game experience, hands down.


I wanted to do a LP of the Remastered by playing as a pirate, eg. only non-combat vessels constructed, hinging on salvage corvettes. Problem is, they only carry their pray to the Mothership, rendering my carriers next to useless. So i didn’t bother. Hopefully they can fix that eventually but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I just noticed something similar in remastered. It’s way more difficult than I remember to capture anything. I thought HW2 was like that, so maybe they used HW2 programming in the remaster…

Actually, this is the very next episode in my playthrough that I noticed that difficulty change.

HWR runs on a heavily expanded and updated version of HW2, so pretty much yeah.

I’d like to know how much work it’d be to make the carriers accept salvage targets. I assume I’m correct but they’re basically using the Resource collector’s command in HW2 to capture the one Mover vessel. It works, but it’s not a perfect recreation. I’m just disappointed the first game’s RM had so many issues at launch. Not just for personal reasons either. For new people to the franchise they’re not gonna start with the second game, duh, and if they play through some of the first and get frustrated they’re unlikely to have much good to say. But ah well. It looked pretty, so there’s that but… eh. Idk. I’m just rambling now.

Right now it looks like it requires the addition of a dockpath with the LargeSalvage dockfamily to the HOD. It’s not hard, just involved since it requires rebuilding the KUS Carrier’s HOD.

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I know. It sucks. Nothing is natural. Everything is a pain.
Everything was geared towards eye candy… everything from HW1 was relegated to the back seat. Very much of a let down for many of us. The really bad part is the eye candy was very much funneled into a specific format that was very much hard to reproduce unless you followed specific trends. Deviate from the format and you find yourself fighting huge conflicts in coloration. Shapes and color have a massive impact on the final outcome of modded ships… which is why I retired from modding HWRM.

Would that be something accomplishable by me messing around, or is that more work than I’d be able to do?

You certainly could, just follow the directions for making a new ship. I
will try to create this over the weekend though, if I can.

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Sorry for the huge delay in replies! Real life took hold and wouldn’t let go for many months. I’m back at it, and decided to just restart the campaign. I’ve found some mods that look interesting, but everything seems geared to HW2! Any suggestions?