I've lost all ambition to play this game

The story has ruined the game for me.
I absolutely loathe you writers and you obsession with killing off main characters.
You ruined the game for me


Hmmmm, I’m level 32 and not finished with the main story yet. Trying to level up to beat Pain and Terror with FL4K. I’m loving everything about the game so far. It brings me so much joy. Sorry you were disappointed in the story. I’m assuming you’re referring to the ending, which I want to know nothing about until I get to it.

No I haven’t finished the game. I’m talking about how these obnoxious calypso twins can kill anyone they want unhindered and instead of hunting them until they are red paste our idiots team wants to find vaults.
Probably to give the calypso twins more power.
They have ruined the game for me

I totally agree! I hated the fact that that psycho with the chili recipe got killed off :frowning:


Funny but I’m talking about main characters

Question, have you ever finished a book?

Main characters die all the time. I hope for your sake you never have to deal with a loss in real life, because this reaction is absurd…

If you actually bothered to finish the story you’d see you’re actually kind of wrong, but hey, up to you. keep flipping out


HAHAHAHA thank god you are here!

I agree they do an above average amount of killing off characters. It’s become almost a toss up of who’s gonna die next.

While i dont think the main cast should be immortal persay. There’s a creative way to kill off characters that make’s them badass and have their death have meaning.

Maya dying was a terrible decision, at least the way they killed her off was one. She was probably one of the top 3 most popular characters from BL2 and rather then killed her off they should have used that fandom to build her up more (especially with tina growing up into a twitchy-eyed drug addict you’d see outside a shady gas station).

Good examples of killing off characters:

  1. Scooter catching his last ride - I never play the tales but i see some “game movies” to figure out why he wasnt in BL3. That was a good way to take him out. He had his family to take over over his buisness, and he died saving people he grew to care about (as he would) in a style that he would have been expected to die.

  2. Roland - He was probably the most bland of the original vault hunters, but BL2 to did a great job making him built up into a leader. A bland leader, but his place fit. Even if you didnt like him when he was killed off his death had impact. He helped you do something you couldnt have done without his help, and with the time you spent with him in Sanctuary doing missions and hearing the banter with other vault Hunters, when he died, it made you sad and hate the main villain more.

Bad examples of killing off chracters:

  1. T.K. Baja - He helped introduce you to the world of Borderlands and having him die felt like it was too soon. The old writers realized their error and they made strides to fix it in BL2 & the Prequel by giving us echologs and side missions that explained more about T.K. Baha. If they hadnt killed him off, he could have had much use in future games as a weapons maker or information in a whimsical manner, but that was killed off. Had alot of impact but not a good decision overall seeing how popular the series became.

  2. Maya - was a bad call really bad call. First of all very popular character as I said. Secondly they foreshadowed her death WAYYY to much. An apprentice, wearing mostly her colors? Saying Ava “will” be a siren and she had “no time to explain why” you could just tell Maya was die and when it actually happened you werent mad at Troy Calypso you were mad at the writers like “wow you guys actually did that.” There was no surprised no sadness, just anger that loved character was wasted.

Borderlands has made it pretty clear there’s no point you should get attached to anyone. They kill off their cast quicker a season of The Walking Dead. Makes it hard to get attached to anyone which is half the reason why we love these games. This isnt some tv show we have no impact on it’s a game we experience ourselves firsthand and when someone dies in the storyline it needs to have more meaning then tossing a new protagonist in our face or just being convenient to a story for pacing.


Do you think any different after finishing the game? I thought as well as the first person who replied that you hated game characters being killed & at that I agree 125% in this game

I agree with you. Maya’s death was horrible, and not just because she is my favorite character. I got a few more hours in after that, but eventually I just stopped playing.