Ive lost all my golden keys and loyalty rewards

so i was redeeming all my 101 golden keys and going through the rewards i had an getting the skins an weapons etc. my ps4 decided to crash on me whilst going through some of the skins. upon reloading my game i find that all my keys i redeemed have gone an all the skins an any weapons that were redeemed have gone.
so ive basically lost all the rewards an all my keys. is there any way i can get these back. i already know the answer to that but its a bit silly i cant.
any help is very much appreciated.

dunno why the hell i have to redeem stuff in game when i can easily loose stuff when like this happens. the way it worked with bl2 seemed fine. at least i still have all my 101 keys an my rewards for bl2 regardless of when or if my ps4 crashes or looses power.

ok so on closer inspection i went back to shift an got the rest of my skins an it seems they go directly to the quick change. however my game keeps crashing when i go to check the quick change an see my skins an heads. its crashed twice now when i have gone from using shift directly to the quick chance. my console does not freeze up just the game but i have to exit via dashboard so i ended up loosing all my keys and the weapons. im going to assume the skins an heads are safe although i can not currently access them. gbx have a look into this please as if others do teh same an redeem a load of stuff an go to the quick change without passing a save point they could well loose most of the stuff they redeemed. thats assuming its not jus my game thats freezing up like this. odd for it to happen twice in a row tho.

well gbx support fixed my problem really really quickly within the hour. so thats awesome. but something even worse happened when i woke up this morning. i found my ps4 hadnt shut down properly an my mrs is telling me it made a really dodgy noise last night when i fell asleep. when i turned on the game i found that the pre sequels save data has all been corrupted so ive lost most of my golden keys an most skins an all my badass ranks along with all my classes. i had one of every class byt only between level 5-8 except athena who was 14. im gonna send em another ticket an hope they can at least restore my lost keys the skins again and hopefully my badass ranks. the odd thing is for bl2 my badass ranks is at 10k ( it was 15k last night) an my keys etc are intact. but the presequel my badass rank is 0. however for some very odd reason my vehicle skins i found whilst playing are still intact but everything else is lost.