I've lost my 47 lvl Character [PS4]

My last ps4 has got ruined by a thunder, so I’ve bought a ps4 pro, but when I downloaded BL3 I’ve noticed that I didnt got my character back and my story’s data!

I also have the automatic online save ON and the Playstation Plus.
Thanks to everyone who will try to help me♡
ID: Effe_Titanium (Italy)

Did you try manually downloading the save game data? I know for at least a couple of folks the sync didn’t trigger automatically.

How should I do this? If you mean “go on the saved data online” I’ve already did it, but the only saved data was the settings



There should be settings, a profile.sav (or similar) which has common stuff, and then the individual character saves.

I already did it, but I’ve found only the settings data

Can you contact a mod or dev for me? I love this game but I dont have enought time for do everything again

Sorry, but I don’t have inside contacts. At this point, the best I can suggest is to:

(1) Contact GBX support (link in sticky post at top of this category)
(2) Post in the on-line play section explaining you lost your character save and see if someone can help power level you.