I've never enjoyed PVP this much!

I’m a 33 year old lifelong gamer. I’ve flirted with pvp modes in other games in the past, but they always seemed like they required twitch skills that I no longer have or have a huge learning curve and a massive time commitment. With BB, I feel like I’m able to contribute to the team in a strategic way, rather than having to be the quickest draw or the best aim.

And I’ve had so many moments that have had me on the edge of my seat, like the 54-50 incursion game I had last night. The back and forth tug of a close match is such an awesome feeling, I don’t even mind if we lose!

So thanks Battleborn, for giving an older gamer such as myself a chance at a pvp experience that I thought I’d never have.


This is brilliant, it’s good to hear positive feedback for our great game :slight_smile: Happy gaming mate!


I’m 42 and agree,however ; Battleborn is the only FP game I have ever liked besides shadowgate for Nes, but yeah Battleborn=Awesome!!! Both my wife and I play the s@!# out of it!!!

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Very much the same here, except I’m older than that and have actively avoided pvp like the plague my entire life. For anyone reading this that plays mostly the PvE and feels intimidated by the pvp, give it a try and focus on the team objectives. Collect shards, build things, escort minions, destroy enemy buildables. If an enemy player gets super aggressive, just back off and focus on survival. Choosing a character like Oscar Mike that has a good way to escape is a plus.

After you do that for a few games, and Understand how the mode works, then you can start to expand what you do as you feel more comfortable.

A couple of other things:

Try different characters. If something isn’t working for you, try something else rather than get frustrated. You may find that once you have more experience, you can circle back to that character and play them more effectively, but not every character is well suited to every skill level or play style, and that’s ok.

Bot matches (private pvp matches) are useful to try characters out up to a point, but be careful not to form bad habits. Real players will punish your mistakes far more readily than the bots will at times, and work together more effectively. Trying to push the limits of survival in bot matches will get you slaughtered against real players. Figure that any near death against bots would have been an actual one against real players.


I cannot stand the competitive mode because the heroes are so unbalanced.

This is exvellent advice! This game’s not all about killing enemies so there’s a job for everyone!

This is not a complaint often heard. Sure there are the odd cries of “nerf this and buff that” but to make such a broad statement, what is your reasoning? The heroes are so diverse and each plays a different role, some excel in one field more than others but that’s kinda the point. How do you mean that they are inbalanced?


Yeah, the ability to contribute to the team without being a pro player really helped ease me into playing the pvp modes. I didn’t feel pressured to be able to hold my own against other players 1v1.

As for the balance discussion, with all due respect to you Slif, I think it best if we don’t sidetrack the thread.


Point taken on that regard, I do tend to get sidetracked lol, I love this game and I like to talk a lot :frowning:

I actually find everything quite surprinsingly well balanced, and I’m someone who tends to find issues everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the OP : yay ! I concur! I mentionned I tend to find issues in every little corners of games,and yet I really enjoyed BB from the beta up to now. It’s even better now that I finally got to play at least duo instead of solo!
Can’t wait for new game modes, just to spice things up a little and add a little more variety !

edit : removed a few sentences to avoid too much sidetrackness :stuck_out_tongue:


This game is the first game I can actually get my wife to play with me only PVE but still. She’s never really played any game before n talked her into playing this one bc of the art style…and Toby lol she actually got pretty good with a few characters. So thanks gbx I’ve been wanting to get her to play a game with me for awhile.

@smithjacobp what do you think is unbalanced with the characters? They might need to tweak a couple of characters but their all pretty balanced. A couple of examples would be nice


This is the same for me; i usually can’t stand PVP games, because i don’t have the time to “get good” with them. Battleborn was something i picked up and dominated with; and laughing almost the whole time. So, enjoy it while you can, because unfortunately, this game’s future looks bleak.

I can’t personally affect the game’s future, other than being an active player myself, so I don’t bother stressing about it.

Speaking of laughing during the game, I tried Rath for the first time recently. I felt so bad, yet so good as I pounced unsuspecting enemy players and did my ‘spin to win’. The 1st person perspective makes it so fun to sneak up on people!

Some of the heroes are blatantly overpowered and that’s why hardly anyone plays this game.

Please name one example of this except for alani bc half the players seem to think she’s still OP

Even with Alani, I’ve been handing overconfident Alani players’ their asses recently.

Once you’ve played every hero at least once, you really get a feel for their weaknesses and strengths.

Well, I’m 55, prefer playing games with people of moral fiber and for this game that seems to be rather rare.
Maybe any game anymore but it’s the reason I play Story mode, everyone is more of a team.
The raging in PvP is really a turn off for me but as a Vet I know what battle does to people.

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I totally understand. One of the perks of playing on console is that there’s no chat log, so unless someone is on mic (which is rare as unicorns), there’s no harassment.

Only other PVP game I enjoyed was Counter-Strike, and Battleborn blows it out of the water. Even losing matches is not bad, it’s a fun game throughout as long as people don’t quit/disconnected. On Xbox I wish more people used mics, but oh well.

Wow, have never used a console, didn’t realize there was a lack of dialog.

I’m 42 as well. This is the first competitive game I have ever played. Oh, I sucked mightily when I first played PVP. But I’m always working on getting better. Lots of additions to my Steam list due to some cool folks I met playing.

This game has issues, but me not wanting to play sure isn’t one of them.

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