Ive started a claptrap

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Ive started a new clappy and i am looking for tips. Im thinking of using frost blast as a final build with a ravager in place of a flakker. Do you guys have any tips for leveling or using certain skills to make the best use out of claptrap? Anything would be helpful thanks

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This is what ive sent to other guy who asked me about how to level Frost Blast:

I dont know what level you are right now, but I would go something like this, for normal you can throw in a
mix of defense and offense:




now in TVHM you got most of the defense skills and I hope a sapper com with +Killbot and Swab


If you got some decent cryo guns you can go CC. Tripleclocked is
awesome if you go right subroutine. However if you go wrong it can
really cripple your guns, so try to match your guns. I always go Too
Scoops + Swab with rocket launcher or defense subroutines, cos that combo does not
suffer any subroutine penalties.

For lv cap raise I will probably go this:

I hope it helps. It will be done once I port it to the new forums,

Have fun