I've TRIED to like the Infinity. I do not understand

The idea is cool, you never have to reload. It shoots a lot of bullets quickly… further away, the aim sways back and forth, it does crap damage.

I do not understand why this gun is so sought after.

I can reload my guns. Hell, I can reload AND take cover while I’m doing it.

There are guns that do more DPS. There are pistols that don’t swing my bullets left to right. I’ve found and tried a few of these but I always switch to something else after a few minutes because it’s monotonous just holding the trigger and waving it around.

Help me understand…


I’ve never really got it either. Ok, so you never run out of ammo, but it’s not the best pistol in the game for damage output. See for example the comment about it in this Top Gear for Sal post.

I can see the attraction for Anarchy Gaige builds: never reloading means you never lose your stacks; that also means that you can’t discord-loop without switching weapons though.

I don’t know if Sal’s Money Shot skill activates on the infinity (haven’t actually tried it) - if it does, that also might explain the popularity, but Sal does plenty of damage anyway and can regen ammo while gunzerking (which, by end game, is pretty much all the time.)

Maybe someone else has some better ideas though.

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They didn’t really want it for it’s effect but more because it was so dang rare having a broken drop source. Even after being fixed, the idea of a super-rare infiniammo gun never really left the initial impression, especially among the casual crowd.
There are certainly some ways to make it interesting but it’s really only a gimmick with it’s rather poor stats, especially when compared to the Anarchist. There are some people who took a serious look at it, maybe they can explain a bit more (aside from the obvious 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill synergy which isn’t all that great either but it can be fun, depending on the individual)
Also, Salvador can use it with Money Shot but that is, of course, a glitch.

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Infinity has it’s moments… It’s quite useful against flying targets, and if you get it before you’ve upgraded your ammo capacity, it can make things much easier. Personally, I think that it got it’s reputation as a badass gun when everyone just looked to legendaries when they wanted the best guns. When the first dlc was released, it included some blue rarity uniques that turned out to be some of the most powerful guns in the game. I think that was an eye opener for most players.

It’s not a bad gun. It’s just that there are several guns that are much better.


I think you’ve nailed a good part of it’s mystique. And talking of broken drop sources, guess who dropped me a DPUH the other day? Took me completely by surprise, but I am not complaining!


Most overhyped gun in the game IMO.

Viable for general mobbing and casual stuff (just not fun), good for certain challenges and other niche things, bad sustained damage, bad for raiding and the harder stuff in the game.


Use that gun with Bee Sheld and you will see what happend :wink:

The Infinity is indeed a niche weapon. I like having one on me, even though I hardly ever use them (just love my Thrusting UH too much). As @Ronnie_Rayburn said above, it’s great against flying enemies like those damn Surveyors. Because it is a pistol, its weapon swap speed is pretty quick as well, : redacted : The damage is not bad, but it’s not great either. A purple Anarchist might be better overall, but I find those to be even rarer than the Infinity. Plus, the Infinity won’t chew through your ammo like an Anarchist will.

As for raiding, I find them useful for a few bosses, but certainly not all. If I’m soloing Hyperius, I have one to whittle down his health to where he goes berserk and I can use a more powerful weapon to finish him off without fear of running out of ammo.

Like the Unforgiven, Flakker, Gunerang, Hammer Buster, and Madhous!, the Infinity will have its fans and detractors. So if you don’t like it, then hey, make a trade for it!

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Slag infinities are hacked. Don’t discuss hacked items here, please.


it’s usable on zero

also you can moneyshot it with salvador and kill raid bosses and such

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With certain characters and builds the infinity can be pretty damn good. Zero for instance with a stalker class mod plus the sheriffs badge. Makes the infinity a pretty deadly and fun weapon to use

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“Outside of bugs, Gunzerkers are unable to proc Money Shot using this gun as it requires ammo to be at 0.”

Zero’s could make it decent, but that’s because he could make any pistol decent.

And, apparently they don’t come in slag. But if so, I could see a real use for them. They would be amazing for that.

I can see it for flying enemies.

And I happen to love Hammer Busters :smile:

I have :stuck_out_tongue:
But defining a gun as good because the bee shield makes it good… means the gun is crap to begin with :wink: Same argument. Zero can make any pistol workable. Bee shield can make any weapon workable. That doesn’t mean the gun is good.

Good input all around, guys.

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My bad. I knew Infinity pistols come in different elements, but not in slag. I mean I did not know that they did not come in slag, that is.

hmm… too many negatives…

1: 5 shots or 6 allows you to regen ammo.
2: despite the fire pattern, its better in hipfire than anarchists, so sal gets another point
3: you are not meant to use it from the word go. you are meant to use it when you almost run out of pistol ammo from spamming your DPUH.

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Bee Shield + Sheriff’s Badge + Infinity Pistol = Good night everything.

Bee Shield + Sheriff’s Badge + Fibber/Lady Fist = bad guys shoot themselves in the face to escape you


OK, I see some use out of it for whittling down bosses endless hp so you don’t run out of ammo for your other guns.

Fair enough.

Anarchy Gaige is better with the Anarchist. It’s almost as if they made the names similar so you know which one to use.

The fixed spread pattern means you dont have a chance of hitting the right person at higher anarchy, and since it only has one mag, you cant get any other skills in OC, unless you use a Neutral Necromancer mod.

I like it on my zero because I use legendary sniper class mod with it so I gain like 110 percent damage bonus for each shot. Plus any extra skills I got and the bee ot ends up being deadly.

Actually whilst out and about mobbing or farming certain things, its nice not to spend all your money on ammo in UVHM. With a Sheriff’s Badge and Phaselock/Wreck Maya’s fire rate goes obscene, and I can rip Rabid Skags to shreds. It can do a lot of damage with the BeeFinity combo, and is great for Buzzards, Sky Hunters, Skags, Stalkers and a few others. I always carry one for Varkid evolution to save ammo, especially at the farmhouse. I’ve used a Shock one in the past to drop Pete’s Shield to save SMG ammo. Probably a weapon you like or don’t. But the worst part is actually getting a decent one…Doc Mercy sucks dogs asssssss!!

You and I are in the same boat, brother. I’ve always HATED the infinity. The damage is terrible except maybe on Zer0 with the right build (and I’ve never played far with Zer0 as I don’t find him enjoyable). I HATE the firing pattern. Can’t hit anything except at point blank range. It doesn’t consume ammo? Whoopee effing do, ammo is everywhere. Don’t ever need to reload? Reloading is almost never an issue.

Give me a Stinger or Anarchist any day.