Iwajira Boss Loot

I understand that Iwajira drops the hail and his blue and the thingy as his orange drop but is there any other significant loot i should farm for. He is a relatively easy boss so i would not mind farming him some more.

Not really. I did get 2 Hails which are decent.

I farmed him for 6 levels and never saw the Legendary rocket launcher he supposedly drops every 30 min. or whatever.

I usually just farm him for moonstones but did get a thingy, a lot of hails ( different elements ) and a random drop of an explicit 88 fragnum. The fragnum drop was last weekend when they a tinkering with legendary drops soo…pretty much moonstones and purples for the grinder.

My 2 cents.

Don’t forget to check the Lava - he throws his loot everywhere. I once found a Thingy up top, through the hole!

Thats what she said.


I have got a couple world drops off him, mostly hails though