Iwajira corpse not exploding

Has this ever happened to anyone else, I’ve been farming him for moonstones and loot on UVHM and this run he’s just laying there firing his mouth beam off into the ground constantly.

I think it has something to do with me killing him as he started the animation.

Update: he’s not exploding at all now, he just lays all over his loot and never disappears.

Many times,did you notice when he doesn’t melt no xp either

Well I’m level 60 so I wasn’t seeing exp anyway.

I’ve moved on to killing Nel instead.

He’s still doing it today, he also loves dropping nothing but level 59 gear and his loot splosion seems smaller.

Can’t be sure it’s your case too, but for me, it wouldn’t blow up (or give XP) if my action skill was still active when he died.

I had this happen a long time ago, and not just once.


Something like that, perhaps?