Iwajira not levelling up in TVHM?

I’ve completed TVHM with my Athena, including “Bestest Story Ever”. Character is now level 52 thanks to the Claptastic DLC. Despite this, Iwajira is dropping level 48 loot exclusively. Loot in Concordia is level 50 as expected, as is the unaccepted “Home Delivery” mission. Am I permanently out of luck with Iwajira, or is there something I can do to get him to spawn at level 50?

Strange. Iwajira is always at the highest level possible in Normal and TVHM. As usual, he drops loot ranging from 48 to 50.

Just went back. Iwa was definitely level 52. Five of the drops were level 50, one level 49, and the rest - the vast majority - level 48. Also, no legendary or unique. Seems very much off. I’m not really complaining since I’m mostly just doing the runs for grinder fodder, and I’m going to run through UVHM anyway. The distribution does seem very lop-sided though.