Iwajira still acting odd

In my game Iwajira’s corpse refuses to explode and his purple drops are constantly 2-1 levels below my character level. Even the thingy is spawning at level 68 the 4 times he has dropped it.

So what gives? Why is he still bugging out? (he’s been doing this for at least 2 weeks now.)

Seems it’s always been the case that Iwa can drop gear within two levels of your own. A lot of times I’ll notice that there will be a mix of gear within that three level range so I make sure to check everything. Just a run of bad luck that the Thingy happened to be underleveled for you each time.

I can’t really say what’s causing the lack of explosion with Iwa’s corpse. But sometimes I wish it wasn’t so dramatic as the loot goes everywhere. I really miss the clean lootsplosion of Odjurymir.

I don’t fight this boss simply because when he dies ■■■■ goes absolutely everywhere and it’s never anything too great at least with my luck

I don’t think you understand, all he drops are 68 purples/legendaries, the rest of the loot is still popping at 70 like usual.

I think I might stop farming him full stop until he starts behaving normally again.

I understand. How long has it been going on for?