Iwajira TVHM help?

Hi, im a lvl 43 Athena and im trying to farm lvl 52 Iwajira. in BL2 i had some friends to play with quite often but once all the dlc and hype for BL2 ended, my party upgraded to ps4 and other games and im stuck alone on ps3. ( i actually preordered tps and got it as soon as it came out but i stopped playing after i didnt have anyone else to play with. ) TPS is actually pretty challenging in terms of boss fights and im in need of some better loot and i thought to try farming Iwajira but hes a bit too much for me and my crappy gear to handle. id be super appreciative if anyone could help out. [ im actually stuck on RK5 at the moment which spurred the weapon farming.] thanks - PSN Kito42

I’m a lvl 55 claptrap I could probably help out when are you usually playing. Psn id is gr8spoon.

oh cool. im level 50 now and ive been farming him looking for legendaries for the grinder but having no luck whatsoever x.x and the one time i did get a legendary iwajira exploded and it got stuck in the wall