Jab cross with Ties that bind?

Has anyone been able to test if this also buffs ties that bind link damage since do harm buffs the chain damage from ties that bind. With my breaker com I have +4 in Jab cross and +1 in find your center so could be really useful if it does work. Probably not as fast as stacking do harm with a phasezerker but being able to stack an extra 100% multiplicative melee bonus along with 135% action skill damage increase from jab cross may make up for it

IIRC it does affect the link damage just like Do Harm. I tested that when I was starting my calculations for Do Harm stacking. Good for mobbing, bad for boss fights (or generally single-target situations).

I’m actually looking into melee Phasezerker melee! I’ve only theory crafted with it a bit but I haven’t quite decided the best way for the tree to turn out. I don’t think spending skill points just to do something that you can already do without them makes a lot of sense though