Jabber never stops growling! Please devs!

Jabber noises are totally driving me nuts, Flak is a boss but Jabber never stops, is worst when not in combat. play 8 hours straight and all u hear is Jabber growling. Who ever created this char never played it more than hour at a time it seems… We need an option to mute pet.


This. 100% this. I honestly am going to have to respec because of how often the Jabber JABBERS EVERY GOD DAMN 3 SECONDS! IS THIS A CRUEL JOKE? IS THAT WHY HE’S NAMED JABBER?! IF SO THEN TOUCHÉ GEARBOX, TOUCHÉ.


Must be a troll from gearbox, ill test other pets, if they are quiet im respecing 100 million percent, is sickening playing like this.

It’s really annoying when you’re in menus. I have to mute the game if I’m sorting through weapons. Just have the character make a sound if he discovers a loot box or enemies.

Odd, he doesn’t growl all that often for me. I guess he must be getting stuck with “growl on” on some systems. Hopefully a bug that will get fixed soon.