Jabber pet + gamma burst combo is broken? (PS4)

Hi, I just want to notify that I realise jabber AI goes crazy when he is affected for gamma burst… spending a lot of time walking around and he can’t get a focus target when he is between multiple enemies… i try to prove this with other pets, but they do a good performance with that action skill… some one can see that too?.. let me know and hope this could be fixed in the future.

As far as I’m concerned the whole skill is broken I’ve had plenty of times when my Scag just stands there and won’t move and others times when I activated the skill he wouldn’t grow or radiate at all I’m on PS4 by the way

Been playing exclusive gamma burst scag on XBOX ONE. I have been using the attack command to target priority enemies. I have not had the scag go crazy on me at all. He focuses on one enemy until they are dead or until I call out another attack command. Have you tried putting down a waypoint on an enemy or the ground to get him back under control? Also, does petting him frequently have any effects on his AI?

My pet has been sketchy quite a lot, here and there he’ll go missing for a few minutes (without dying) or get stuck behind something if I’ve used another route. When I got to the monastery, I ran the whole level right to the boss without the Jabber as he just disappeared completely although I could see his name and icon, it’s only when I signed out and back in he returned.

As someone that exclusively mained Gaige on Bl2 for years, I’m used to it though. I’m seriously thinking of abandoning my Fl4k and switching to Amara, although I will miss the ugly little grunting dude.

Fl4k’s pets have a number of minor AI issues, but I can confirm that Jabber + Gamma Burst = problems. They can still use their special attack, but otherwise they’ll go crazy, put their weapon away, and go hand-to-hand for the duration.

While I would like to see this addressed as it disappointed me when I first tried a Master/Stalker hybrid build, it does suggest that Jabbers are meant to be paired with the Stalker tree specifically. It has plenty of options to boost their damage, specifically their special attack.

Yea my pet seems to bugged out as well sometimes, In order to recover from this you just have to re summon the pet again with gamma burst or wait till it dies.