Jack and his guns

Hey guys, new to jack and I had a few questions.
First off it looks like jack has huge potential for big, fast damage…but

I was wondering if he has potential to do elemental DMG?

Also, as I’m leveling up, lvl 10, what kind of guns should I be looking for?
I know Athena wants shock and fire, aurelia wants cryo… Jack… No ideas.

Thanks again!

I like Tim the most for just, plain, Critical Hit damage actually. Ice a person up to get them to sit still, then bring up some smooth, Non-Elemental gun to splotch their head in one clean shot. No DoT really NEEDED with Tim at all. Of course, this is assuming that I can shoot anyone before my Digi-Jacks kills them first, holy crap.

Well, as you noted he has the potential for big, fast damage. So you can look at “Sponserd By” and Absolute Advantage and see that firing a Jakobs Quad with 25% of the damage as elemental splash from a Maliwan gun 10 or 15 times without reloading can rip shields, torch enemies, melt Felicity etc. Laying a Maliwan Shock Element on top of a Flayer currently to strip the shields off the Claptrap DLC bosses for example. Otherwise you can get your almost 200% weapon damage bonuses and most elemental guns will do a lot of harm. Hyperion Shotties, Blasters and Splitters( make depending on build), currently running Hyperion with one Maliwan in my “Sponsored By” Build. Explosive works as well with investment in “Just Compensation”. So while not an elemental specialist he has enough other skills that crank damage and crits high enough that he works great will with elemental guns even if i Prefer loading up Jakobs guns with Maliwan elements.

He isn’t designed to be specifically Elemental, but Sponsored by is the greatest elemental skill of all time, including Maelstrom. He can put any element on any gun, and that is awesome. Think Torgue with a Freeze Chance, or Thunderfire with Corrosion.

lol, yeah sure. It can certainly be useful by augmenting non-elemental weapons or creating a cryo+explosive combo. But it’s a bit of a novelty when you consider that you only really need one element at any point in time to get the job done.

Here you go.

I don’t think there’s any one element that he is particularly good with. Sponsored By is a great skill, but it’s a capstone, and we’re talking about a level 10 toon at present. That’s a way off yet, and I saved that whole tree for last with my Timothy. Money is Power is also a great skill, and in that tree, but you’ve gotta wade through two tiers of junk to get to it.

One of the really great things about Timmeh, is that you don’t feel like you have to pigeonhole him into a specific element or gun type. Sponsored By should be the ultimate expression of that. Tote what’s comfy for you. Jack’s skills are more about being able to sponge bullets, I think. And he’s a grenadier, too. Early game, that might not be a bad avenue to explore. He has COMs that grant mad grenade damage bonus (over 50% at end-game), and skills to improve his grenade performance. Add in a Bomber oz kit, and he can be a nade chuckin’ evil genius.

So, watch out for good shields (he has good skills for shields, and good COMs too) and good grenade mods, and stick to whatever weapons you like best. Early-game, it’s pretty easy goin’, and you can pretty uch do what you want without worrying.

Jack is the only character in Borderlands who can kick ass with anything. Mostly because he can turn anything whatever the hell he feels like.

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