Jack and Zarpedon


I restarted TPS recently after a long time away, and a long time updating it on the Xbone (that’s for another thread).

But something I’ve never really thought about before is what happens when you first see Zarpedon on Helios. She says “Hello, Jack”.

She knew his name. Have I missed something? Granted, I rarely pick up ECHOs so it may be explained in one, but how does Zarp know who Jack is?

However, Jack responds to the question “who was she” (or along those lines) with the answer “I don’t know, she leads these jackasses, I think?”.

Why would Jack deny knowing who she was? And how does she know Jack’s name?

Is there something more than we thought about the connection of the Vaults, Zarpedon, the Eridians, and Jack himself?

Also Zarpedon ECHOs from Red, Then Dead mission:

Zarpedon (on ECHO): Hyperion’s set up an orbital space station surrounding Elpis. The lead engineer, a man named Jack, has convinced his superiors that Pandora is a gold mine. How does he know? Must investigate further.