Jack Character Not Playable

I seem to be having issues using the Doppelganger playable character, as everytime I try to play the character on the character select screen my game crashes saying the disc cannot be read please restart and what not. I don’t think the error lies with the disc though since all of the other playable characters work just fine including Aurelia. I have tried deleting the DLC and redownloading along with the compatibility pack, but nothing has worked so far. It sucks because I HAVE been able to play Jack before and got him up level 52. This problem appeared out of nowhere and I am stumped. I would appreciate any help that you guys can give me.

Note: I do have all of my saves and DLC’s on a USB drive, but I don’t think that’s the problem since I have transferred the Jack DLC to a different drive but still had the same issue.

If you have not already, install the game to the hard drive. Once installed, the game only checks the disc for validation. This will determine if it is a disc problem (probably won’t install if part of the disc can’t be read). If works, leave game on hard drive.