Jack clones strategy - they don't move?

Up to my current Jack level 54, I never really had to stay pinned down or got pinned down much so this wasn’t an issue until now.

But what I’m finding is because the Jack clones don’t move to targets, but just spawn near you and then fire, if your character doesn’t move, the clones don’t either and stand sometimes right on top of you. Many times blocking your field of view with snipers or other guns while you are pinned down trying to return fire.

Maybe they would be too OP if they could free move like Deathtrap pet from BL2. Anyway, when I’m in constant open battle field motion, it’s a non issue, but when I need to shoot from cover it’s becoming a pain. I want the Jack’s out so I get my additional bonuses but mostly I’ve been just not spawning my action skill while in cover shooting because of the blocking of my field of view from the clones standing on top of me.

How are other more experienced Jack players using their clones when it comes to shoot from cover situations?

Lots of people spec the DigiJacks so they die as easily as possible – to get damage bonuses & replenish health, e.g. – when you move far enough they respawn & that counts as a death. So, constant motion for me! But, I’ve also found you can move just slightly to get them out of the way if you are more stationary. The Eclipse/EOS fight also taught me you can sometimes stand out in the open & tank while shooting since the Digi’s take the aggro & die over-and-over.

When possible, be where you want them to be, spawn them, and then move to where you want YOU to be.

They’re less effective if you move a lot, because they have to die & respawn. They’re not doing much fighting in that time, but your AS is still running down.