Jack, Deadlift UVHM (Going badly, over and over)

So after failing miserably with Auerilia in UVHM, I do a Jack character, and I do really really well with him, not having more than 1-2 fails per boss for the entirety of the first 2 playthroughs.

Then I hit deadlift on UVHM :frowning:
Vibra pulse,
Shock immune shield,


Do I seriously just suck too bad at this game?
Or is deadlift on UVHM hard enough that I shouldn’t be worried?

My strategy at this point is unfortunately is to sit with my game open public until someone else comes in and kills deadlift for me.

What is your build?

Use that to show us.

Here is me fighting him with my Deputy Jack build with the Boomacorn, go to 26:09

I like to chase him rather than let him chase me if that helps. I know a lot of people run from him instead of attack him. Jack can tank a lot.

I much prefer a shock sniper for this fight, coupled with a decent SMG and/or shotgun for close-range.

This, with the caveat that you want to do so in such a way that you maintain some tactical advantage. For example, like @Derch’s video (from about 25 minutes for the Deadlift fight) I like to be shooting down or on level with DL; letting him get above you puts you at a disadvantage.

don’t laugh…
Using the Chronicler of Elpis class mod.

The strategy (on everything but deadlift and other bosses tbh), is to use a Hyperion item in most slots to stack the crap out of company man.

With a Hyperion Frost SMG with Torgue sponsored bonus most of the time. It can burn down badasses really really quickly even just by itself.

A torgue AR (that I use for sponsored by bonus and generally I don’t actually shoot it ever)

A hyperion Frost Sniper (that’s useless on Deadlift I know) with either the maliwan shock damage added or torgue for larger mobs. Once they freeze over it generally rips most badasses apart.

and Vibrapulse for, most of the time I just use the shock maliwan slot for adding shock damage to other guns.

The problem with every weapon you named is that they are either not shock or pea shooters.

SMGs have low damage, the Vibrant pulse is great on crowds but otherwise, it’s damage is lacking.

And shields resist Cryo. Not only on damage but on freeze chance too. You are only dealing 40% damage instead of 250%… On Deadlift, forget about it. Cryo is for mobs. (Maybe a few bosses, but DL is not among them)

Get Snipers or Shotguns in shock and a shock Longbow grenade: Deadlift is 90% shield.
Maybe even a shock RL. If you like company man, a shock Hyperion shotgun would be a great fit.

As for your shield. Shock immune will only protect you against DoT, not all shock attacks. Since DL mainly deals shock damage (and you take 2.5x damage on your shield from them) your best bet is an Adaptive shield: not only will you take less damage from shock while your shield is up, but you’ll only take x1 damage on your health for longer before dying.

I didn’t say what I was doing was a great idea, I just said that’s what I was doing…

But replace cryo sniper with a shock one, probably a good idea. And most bosses I ended up using the shock weapon to bring them down. (Vibra pulse, I used action-ts4-r for a while ect.) With the crit rating I had for instance, the sentinal went down crazy fast at the end of TVHM from just spanking him with the vibrapulse.

Still, not sure how I’m going to take down deadlift :(angry:

I’m about ready to uninstall. I really think I just suck too badly.
I’m level 51
Purple Shock Maliwan sniper 50
Purple Shock maliwan SMG 50
And the above weapons I already mentioned.

At this point I can get deadlift down about half way through his shields my holojacks end and I die…

I’ve tried immunity to shock shields, an adaptive shield, and of course the one I was using for everything else (and a shock reduction Oz kit). Without the holojacks I simply just get taken down darn near instantly to FFYL and there never seems to be any of the scavs near me, and I die.

This is the second toon I have gotten to UVHM and been unable COMPLETELY unable to take out deadlift with. However I might actually be able to survive better with this one, however with this deadlift fight I’m seriously doubting that it will go any better.

Every video I have seen for this fight is useless to me at step one in their strat.

The Step 1. Using orange weapons run up to him and his shield dissolves in 2 seconds

I know this is miles from your build but Jack’s middle tree is where most of his DPS and Survival can come from. Then attack dead lift. Use what ever com you can find that fits in these skills.

I’d recommend any blue or purple (not Boomacorn) Jacobs shotgun with 2-4 barrels.

  • Get a CEO com the boost Absolute Advantage by at least +4.
  • A shock or cryo maliwan gun for Sponsored By… (Dead Lift can be cryo’d, he just doesn’t visually show a DoT tick w/ his shield up)
  • Any blue or purple Adaptive shield.
  • And then just stack up on Hyperion items in every other slot.

Deploy your digi-Jacks as soon as you enter the arena to get your kill skills by killing your digi-jacks w/ “Leadership”, along with getting stacks of “Teamwork”. Winning and Teamwork should keep you alive no problem. Then just just get as close to him as possible and aim at his head, and spam your Jacobs shotgun. But you HAVE to have your kill skills active, but Leadership and Optimism/just running around should take care of that.

One of the problems you had w/ Aurelia if I recall correctly is hard to farm/get gear. You already said you killed TVHM normal Sentinel easily. So just go back to TVHM and farm the normal Sentinel for these 4 pieces of gear, and literaly any Hyperion grenade and 2 random Hyperion guns for Company Man.

This is all easy to do/farm and should cover all your issues/problems. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

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I tried Derches build and
The problem is… with the middle tree a lot of that is kill skills.

I tried that build. And here is what happened…

Once the digijacks expired my damage and survivability was far worse then when then before, with worse damage when the kill skills expired.

So I went from surviving just fine until the digi jacks expired and then dying, to surviving just fine while the digi jacks were up and then my damage tanked like mad and I died…

With BFF if you keep moving they stay out longer and in the deadlift fight you should be, so attack him and take him down before they expire. If you don’t run to safety and keep moving until they come back.

Kill skills are not an issue since your jacks dying turns on your kill skills and hit one jump pad and they die and respawn.

Thanks derch… I actually just checked and I realized that I didn’t put points into BFF… sigh lets respect and give this another go

BFF and leadership is kinda his glue, as long as your jacks are out you are really hard to kill and you have crazy DPS, leadership makes it so you can proc BFF over and over making them stay out a really long time.

Also if you watched that video I posted note how deadlift is kinda a coward and runs from you, attack him and don’t let him attack you instead

Get the high ground and chase him down.

if I told you I just died about 5 times in a row using that build with digijacks up you would call me crazy right?

Ok… so using THAT strategy I have gotten through his shields and barely damaged his health bar… Then digijacks expire and when the on kill bonuses expire I drop like a snowball in a flaming razorblade tornado.

Ok… so the solution was to…stand on the platform as he shocked it to do more damage to the digijacks Generating more digijack deaths… keeping the skill going long enough to take him down.

Thanks a ton all of you.


I’m glad you defeated him

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It doesn’t hurt to have something to switch to the instant his shields are down. Burn the sucker!

And don’t feel bad about struggling with Deadlift - a lot of players do. In fact, I’d be interested to know how many hit that fight in TVHM and simply gave up. He’s one of two serious bumps in the road for most players (the other being RK-5). I lucked out in NVHM with my first character (Athena) and accidentally killed him quickly, but I still have absolutely no idea how I actually did it. I’ve got past him with a couple of characters on UVHM now, and all six in TVHM; some were easier than others, for sure.

Also don’t feel bad about taking a break and doing something else, then coming back later. There are lots of missions within the Borderlands games I’ve done that on. Sometimes you just need to get yourself out of a rut, and switching gears can help.

OK, I see you made it, and that is one seriously cool strategy! I’ll have to remember that one…

Well on Lay Hammerlock I never did get him on my own…

And dang it is she a freeking glass cannon, really really rough compared to jack on UVHM. After taking down deadlift Jimothy seems like he will be a LOT easier than her.

Using my old build Jimothy was a ton easier and survived a lot better. using this one he solos like a dream.